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Rheumatology & Immunology
Being one of the earliest established rheumatology specialties in China, Rheumatology Department is a key unit at China-Japan Friendship Hospital appointed by the Ministry of Health. Equipped with clinics, patient wards and laboratories, the Department is staffed by 11 specialists (including three doctors and five masters), and six of the 11 specialists enjoy senior professional titles. Many of the doctors had further study experiences overseas on rheumatology, excelling their domestic counterparts. Making diagnoses on and giving treatment to rheumatism diseases at international standards, the Department is presently assuming a number of research tasks at national, provincial and ministerial levels.

Rheumatology Department at was appointed to carry out master and doctor education for Peking University and Beijing Union Medical Colleges. The Department assumes the responsibility of training and teaching undergraduates from Peking University and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, resident doctors at CJFH and at Beijing Resident Doctors Station, and rheumatology specialists from the Ministry of Health. The Department is also responsible for clinical teaching of students from Medicine College of Peking University and systematic training of doctors from across the country pursuing further studies on rheumatology. Every year, a refresher curriculum and several courses on rheumatology are organized by the Department.

As a rheumatic drug clinical trial base in China, the Department is able to provide patients with the latest medications from at home and abroad. 21 clean and comfortable beds are placed in the patient wards, two beds in each, with separate toilet and bathing facilities at reasonable rates. Strict ward round system is adopted at the Department and resident doctors are available on a 24-hour basis.

Medical Features:

Rheumatic diseases often involve multiple organs or systems and have more complex clinical manifestations. Rheumatology Department has successfully saved a number of critically ill patients with difficult rheumatic diseases from across the country. The numbers of outpatient services and hospital admissions are remarkably large in Beijing and the surrounding provinces and cities. The Department has proved itself to be an authority in diagnosis and treatment of various autoimmune diseases and arthritis. High treatment levels have been achieved by the Department on diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, polymyositis/ dermatomyositis, scleroderma, Sjogren’s syndrome, Behcet’s disease, systemic vasculitis, spondyloarthropathies, adult Still’s disease, gout, Mixed Connective Tissue Disease and fevers of undetermined origin.

Dr. WU Donghai

Senior Doctor

Dr. WANG Guochun

Senior Doctor;

Dr. MA Li

Senior Doctor

Dr. LIN Bing

Senior Doctor

Dr. Zhou Huiqiong

Master of Medicine, Doctor of internal medicine,

Dr. WANG Liying

Associate Senior Doctor.

Dr. LU Xin

Associate Senior Doctor, Master of medicine