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We have a dedicated team of 13 professionals including 4 doctors with high professional title and 5 doctors with Master or Doctor Degree. We are fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities which can provide a whole process of diagnosis, assessment and treatment to the patients. The division offers training programs to Master’s and Bachelor’s degree candidates from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, as well as continuing education programs to doctors and nurses from across China. Moreover, we have successfully completed 2 scientific research projects and 4 clinical trials.

Conditions We Treat:

1. Male infertility: computer-aided semen analysis, morphological examination of sperm and cytologic examination of sperm, reproductive tract infection screening, early diagnosis, reproductive endocrine hormone testing, ultrasonic testing of reproductive system, vas deferens radiography, testicle biopsy, spermatic vein ligation, and comprehensive treatment with TCM and Western medicine.

2. Prostatic disorders: we give combination of pharmacotherapy with intracavitary thermotherapy to treat acute urinary retention and prevent upper urinary tract complications. Traditionally we rely on multifunction prostate therapeutic apparatus and Laborie biofeedback therapy system, and now we pioneer the drug development to use new pills of Chinese medicine as another way in relieving the symptoms. 

3. Sexual dysfunction: etiological diagnosis of ED by penile hardness measurement, Doppler ultrasonic testing and corpus cavernosography; treatment of ED by combination of pharmacotherapy, MMW acupuncture therapy and negative pressure therapy; and psychological counseling to ED patients with mental disorder.

4. Plastibell circumcisions: the procedure incises neatly, with less bleeding and quick recovery. 

5. Neurotomy of dorsal penile nerve to patients with primary premature ejaculation. 

Dr. LIU Baoxing

MD., Post Doctor, Associate Senior Doctor

Dr. LI Lanqun

MD., Senior Doctor, Associate Professor

Dr. ZHOU Qiang

MM., Senior Doctor

Dr. FENG Shilun

Professor, Senior Doctor

Dr. WANG Chuanhang

MM., Professor, Senior Doctor,