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The gastroenterology department of traditional Chinese medicine boasts an excellent team of 2 chief professors, an associate professor and 4 resident doctors, including a tutor of Master degree and 3 PhD degree candidates. The department consists of outpatient and inpatient sections, annually admitting more than 600 patients with 20 sickbeds.

The department is member of the Key Specialty Cooperation Group on spleen and stomach diseases of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SATCM), and serves as the teaching hospital for student interns from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. We have remarkable clinical results on digestive diseases through integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine therapy and also showed our great capability of treating difficult diseases such as ulcerative colitis (UC) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

We have also successfully completed several scientific research projects funded by the Ministry of Health and the SATCM. We introduced ultrasound electrical apparatus and Honke HD medical instrument on hepatic diseases to help enhance drug effects along with drug therapy, treating effectively fatty liver and other chronic liver diseases.

Conditions We Treat:

1.Fatty liver

There is at present no specific remedy for the fatty liver in western medicine. Combining his years of clinical experience with relevant discussions in Chinese ancient documents on medicine and clinical views of this field, Professor Fu Si found that resolving turbidity and dispelling stasis is an important and helpful therapy for fatty liver. Now we have developed Jingtian Hugan granules and filed patent for China-Japan Friendship Hospital. Used in conjunction with Honke HD medical instrument on hepatic diseases, Jingtian Hugan granules can effectively treat NAFLD and AFLD, prevent the development of chronic fatty liver and reduce complications and incidence of arteriosclerosis, CCVD and DM.

2.Ulcerative colitis

Chinese systemic syndrome differentiation adds local enema has a stable effect on chronic nonspecific ulcerative colitis and has little side effects. Chinese medicine is very helpful to various gastrointestinal motility disorders. An effective pure Chinese medicine developed by our department — “Kuijiekang” showed obvious effect in clinical application and was funded by the Ministry of Health. Now Kuijiekang has been tested in clinical practice and study and broadly used in clinical application as a high-efficient, quick and non-toxic side effects TCM preparation.

3.Gastritis and gastric ulcer

In treating CAG and gastric precancerous lesions, integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine showed its advantages to western medicines in improving clinical signs. It can greatly reduce acute gastric mucosal lesions and may also reverse atrophic gastric mucosa, intestinal metaplasia and atypical hyperplasia in any degree. Chinese medicine is effective in treating peptic ulcer and the recurring is uncommon. What’s more, Anti-Hp triple therapy not only has a high clearing rate of 90% but also has many other advantages such as little side effect, low costs, stable effect and good compliance.

4.Post-operation gastrointestinal disorders

After gastrointestinal tumor, the patients’ gastrointestinal functions would be restrained and thus cause various complications such as intestinal obstruction, intestinal adhesion and intestinal infection. Through fortifying the spleen and regulating qi, we have achieved good clinical effects on these postoperative complications.


The etiology and pathogenesis of chronic non-infectious diseases especially the functional gastrointestinal disorders is not yet clear. Yet the clinical incidence of this kind of disease is very high. It’s difficult to cure because of its various symptoms and recurring. Unlike pure western medicine, integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine can have better effects through practicing syndrome differentiation and treatment.

Dr. YAO Shukun

Professor, M.D, Senior Doctor

Dr. ZHAO Hongchuan

M.B, Senior Doctor

Dou Yanling M.D.Ph.D., Professor

M.D.Ph.D., Professor

Dr. NIU Huaiyuan

Associate Senior Doctor

Dr. SUN Bailong

M.D, Associate Senior Doctor

Dr. YAO Li

M.B, Associate Senior Doctor

Dr. LIU Jixi

M.M, Associate Senior Doctor

Dr. DU Shiyu

M.M, Associate Senior Doctor

Dr. HUANG Hongtao

Dr. Wang Xiaodi

M.M, Associate Senior Doctor

Dr. ZHANG Minggang

Associate Senior Doctor, M.B

Dr. WANG Yuanxin

Associate Senior Doctor, M.B

Dr. YANG Huayuan

Senior Doctor

Dr. GUAN Jie

Senior Doctor

Dr. DONG Enyu

Senior Doctor

Dr. WANG Shiya

Senior Doctor

Dr. WU Tieyong

Professor, Senior Doctor

Dr. FAN Yanhua

M.M, Senior Doctor

Dr. ZHANG Kejian

M.M, Senior Doctor