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Preventive Care
In line with requirements of the Hospital and the Health Bureaus of the District and of the Municipality, the Department of Prevention and Health care at CJFH is responsible for disease prevention and health care of Heping Street area (Chaoyang District, Beijing) of 90, 000 people, 6 primary schools and 6 kindergartens. Its responsibility falls specifically into the following ten areas: children’s health care, women's health care, immunization of children and adults, chronic disease prevention and treatment, mental illness prevention and treatment in the area, health education, supervision and management of infectious diseases, vital statistics, public health and disease management of the community. Fan Qinying, director of the Department, is the chairman of Public Health Management of Medical Institutions branch of China Preventive Medicine Association. Doctor Fan is in charge of special immunization programs for patients of foreign nationalities.
Conditions We Treat:
With regard to children’s health care, the Department has set up early childhood education clinic, child nutrition clinic, child obesity clinic, frail child clinic, mental screening and preventive immunization clinic. These services are provided by doctors of years’ of clinical experience in the fields of pediatrics and child health care. Holistic health care services are provided for children from birth to school age; these services include dynamic monitoring and evaluation of child growth and development and nutritional status, Denver Development Screen Test (DDST), developmental screening tests such as WIST-IV, children’s psychological temperament evaluation and audiometry, etc. Services are also rendered on observation and intervention of nutritional and exercise status of obese children.
Preventive immunization of outpatient clinic consists of general outpatient clinic and special clinic for children of foreign nationalities, both of which are carried out only by senior medical staff at the Department. Preventive immunization services for adults (influenza vaccine, pneumonia vaccine, hepatitis A vaccine and hepatitis B vaccine) were also added lately. Since the Department has strictly complied with the safe vaccination rules and subsequently enjoyed an accident-free record for hundreds of thousands of vaccinations, it was rated as an advanced unit in the municipal program for planned immunization.
The establishment of Parents School is another feature of the Department. On the morning of the last Friday of every month, lectures are delivered on knowledge on child development, child nutrition, child disease prevention and early childhood education.

Dr. Wang Lin

Associate Senior Doctor , M.A., M.D.

Dr. Fan Qinying

Senior Doctor

Dr. Zhang Yong

B.M., Associate Senior Doctor