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Plastic Surgery
The Plastic Surgery Department of China-Japan Friendship Hospital, established in 1984, is fully equipped with advanced beauty appliances. We have a dedicated team of one post-doctor, six doctors, and three masters. All the operators have had related learning or working experience abroad. The Department is in the lead in outpatient services and hospitalization. 

We offer courses to master candidates of Peking Union Medical College and Beijing Medical University. It is also the training base designated by the Ministry of Health for cosmetic surgery. We have successfully completed several scientific research projects including the projects funded by National Natural Science Foundation, 863 project, 973 project, and the Ministry of Health. We have strong links with international cosmic surgery field and hold exchange programs with foreign counterparts. The Department is the only one in China that shares close cooperation with Tokyo University.

Conditions we treat

1. We offer a wide range of treatment including congenital malformation, post-traumatic deformity, defect after tumor resection, whole face rhytidectomy, zygoma and jaw plastic, plastic surgery of the eye lids, nose, ears, breasts and loin, liposuction, poise sculpture, laser resurfacing and injection plastics.

2. Besides conventional plastic surgery, we also research on the stubborn cases. By means of international advanced plastic techniques, we are the first to hump nose with ePTFE and carry out rhytidectomy under endoscope. Recovery surgery after plastic failure is also a difficult program we are pursuing. 

Dr. GAO Zhanwei

Associate Senior Doctor

Dr. LU Hui

Associate Senior Doctor;

Dr. CAI Jie

Associate Senior Doctor;

Dr. ZENG Gao

Associate Senior Doctor

Dr. FU Xiaozu

Senior Doctor

Dr. ZHANG Shuyun

Senior Doctor;

Dr. MA Haihuan

Senior Doctor;