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Psychological counseling
Set up in 1991, the Psychological Counseling Clinic is among the earliest medical institutions in China that conduct systematically psychological consultations, clinical treatments, teaching and research. We now have an associate chief psychotherapist and an attending physician. All the doctors, who have received systematic training on  clinical psychology and have engaged in psychological counseling, treatment, teaching and research for years, have rich experience and enjoy high prestige among counterparts both at home and abroad.

Medical Features:

Our treatments to mental illnesses and problems rely mainly on psychotherapy and are supplemented by traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and western medicine when necessary. Based on the specific conditions of patients, we may use one or several methods of psychotherapy, including Morita therapy, family therapy, Gestalt therapy, cognitive therapy, behaviour therapy, general supportive therapy, hypnotherapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, and crisis intervention. The treating modes we use include individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy and family psychotherapy.

Conditions We Treat:

1. Mood disorder (for example, tristimania), hysteria, stress disorder, neurosis (such as phobia, anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, somatoform disorder and neurasthenia), eating disorder (such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, psychogenic vomiting), nonorganic sleep disorder (like insomnia), nonorganic sexual dysfunction, personality disorder, psychosexual disorder, and so on.

2. Problems in career, family, courtship and marriage, and interpersonal communication disorders.

3. Various psychological problems of teenagers.

4. Psychological problems associated with physical diseases.

5. Suicide prevention and crisis intervention.

Items of Psychological Examination:

Rating scale of symptoms like anxiety and depression, and psychological tests of personality and individuality, such as MMPI, EPQ, 6-PF, SCL-90, SAS, SDS, HAMD and HAMA.