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The Department is home to a total of 9 academic, clinical and research faculty, with 1 senior doctor, 5 associate senior doctors, 2 attending physicians and 1 resident doctor, 2 and 3 of whom have a doctoral and master degree respectively. The department integrates Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and western medicine in the treatment of diabetes, acute and chronic complications as well as metabolic syndromes.

It is also characterized by its diagnosis and treatment system for DN (Diabetic Nephropathy), which highlights the combination of disease and syndrome differentiation as well as the integration of TCM and western medicine. Dr. Xu Yuan, head of the department, is one of the principal intellectual heirs of TCM Master Yin Huihe.

Founded as a clinical and research center, the department advocates its faculty to give full play to their expertise. Doctors in the department have made great academic achievements. Some of them have been in charge of national and ministerial research projects and have been awarded for their research achievements. Over 150 articles from the staff in this department and 3 professional works coauthored by them on diabetes treatment have been published.

In 2006, the book TCM: Prevention & Treatment of Diabetes, coauthored by the faculty in the department, was awarded as the First Prize of science books by China Association of Chinese Medicine.

Procedures & Treatments

 1. Diabetes treated with integrated medicine is to lessen the blood sugar uncontrollable factors, including pains, anxieties and excessive discharge of urine caused by insomnia, constipation or scapulohumeral periarthritis. Th treatment aims at controlling indexes within the safe range and tries to reduce the dosage of western medicine.

 2. Individualized therapeutic regimen is applied to cure diabetes. Symptoms can be alleviated or eliminated and body constitution can be improved through differentiation of TCM.

 3. For diabetics without complications, TCM intervention therapy is used to prevent and ease the disease.

4. For diabetics with complications, the comprehensive therapy characterized by TCM-oriented and integration of TCM and western medicine is adopted to ease the diabetic complications and mitigate the damage to their health.

 5. For patients with end-stage diabetic nephropathy, symptoms like numb, pains, skin itches,abnormal sweating, flustered and palpitation, which are caused by diabetic neuropathy, can be greatly reduced by the comprehensive therapy.

 6. Publicity and education activities about diabetes including its prevention and treatment are regularly carried out. Patients can benefit from these activities by getting an overall perception of diabetes and its complications and by pursuing a heathy life style. Health instructions including sports fitness, medical diet, food therapy, psychological adjustment and improvement in life style are provided for inpatients.

Experts and the disease out-patient clinics are available from Monday to Sunday.

Dr. XU Yuan

Professor, Head of department

Dr. XU Zhu

Senior Doctor, Professor

Dr. HUA Chuanjin

Associate Professor

Dr. LI Aiguo

Senior Doctor, Associate Professor

Dr. ZHANG Zhiyuan

Associate Professor

Dr. DUAN Jun

Associate Professor, M.D.

Zheng Xu

M.D.,Ph.D, Professor