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National Pain Clinical Research Center

National Pain Clinical Research Center was founded on October 10, 2005. Based on the Pain Management Department of CJFH, and assisted academically by the Institute of Pain of Chinese Medical Association, this Center stands as the foremost institution in China in the fields of pain clinic and pain research. Mr. Han Jisheng, a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, served as its first director. Mr. Han was a world-renowned pain researcher and also the founder of Chinese pain medicine. Presently, Professor Ren Fanbi, Director of Pain Management Department of CJFH, acts as the director of the Center.

Medical Features of the Center:

This Center engages in clinical medicine, scientific research, medical teaching and drug development at the same time. Backed by advanced medical facilities, vigorous technological strength and remarkable human resources, it provides extensive clinical services for acute and chronic pains and carries out relevant researches. The Center is particularly adept at interventional therapies on chronic and intractable pains and tumor pains.

Presently, the Center features several treatment techniques that are both domestically and internationally advanced, such as spinal cord stimulation, central target-controlled analgesia, analgesia of minimally invasive interventional neuroradiology and specialist synthetic therapies. These techniques perform impressively in treating neuralgia, terminal cancer pains, muscle/joint pains, chronic pains and other inexplicable pains. Adhering to the patient-first philosophy, this Center will further strengthen its disciplinary ascendancy and enhance its excellence in human resource, endeavoring to act as a potent “pain-eliminator” to bring the pain-afflicted patients back to a painless life.

Dr. FAN Bifa

Professor, Supervisor of doctoral students

Dr. YANG Keqin

Associate Professor