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Pediatrics Department at CJFH is a medical care, teaching and research three-in-one department which applies integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine. Backed by strong technological strength, the Department has six chief physicians, five deputy chief physicians, five doctors and 10 masters, with a renowned Japanese pediatrician being its emeritus professor. 26 medical staff at the Department had overseas study experiences in Europe, America or Japan. The Department has assumed and participated in research tasks assigned by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Personnel and the National Natural Science Foundation and Beijing Capital Medical Research Fund.

The Department has committed itself to the long-term clinical teaching and training for Peking University Health Science Center, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and China University of Technology. It is exclusively qualified for doctor and mater education for Chinese Peking Union Medical College., and master education for Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. There is one supervisor for doctoral candidates and several for master candidates at the Department.
Independent outpatient, emergency and observing rooms with a total number of 32 beds are available in Pediatric Department. About 130 to 170 thousand outpatient services are provided each year, with effective treatment to a number of difficult or critically ill children from both at home and abroad.

Medical Features:

The Department provides outpatient and emergency paediatrics services for International Medical Department at the Hospital on a 24-hour basis, and is responsible for providing health services to children in Beidaihe city in the name of the Central Bureau of Health.

Child Disease Unit: administering treatment to children of respiratory, digestive, neural, immune, kidney, blood, nutritional, genetic and metabolic diseases, and other difficult or intractable diseases.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: taking medical care of preterm infants, critically ill neonates and newborns suffering from other diseases.

Special Outpatient Clinic: outpatient services are provided to children with diseases including epilepsy, Tourette syndrome (TS), ADHD, phenylketonuria (PKU), asthma, recurrent respiratory tract infection (RRTI), pediatric endocrine problems and kidney diseases, etc. Special follow-up clinics are available for preterm infants and other newborns.

Specialist Clinic: taking care of miscellaneous difficult or intractable cases.

Dr. Yang Ling

M.M., Associate Senior Doctor

Dr. Wang Yunfeng

Associate Senior Doctor, Associate Professor, M.D.

Dr. WANG Zhixin

Associate Senior Doctor

Dr. XIA Guangming

Associate Senior Doctor

Dr. XU Pengfei

Associate Senior Doctor

Dr. SUN Jinghui

Master of Medicine, Associate Senior Doctor

Dr. YU Zuoyang

Master of Medicine, Senior Doctor

Dr. LAI Hong

Senior Doctor

Dr. ZHANG Zhixin

Master of Medicine, Professor, Senior Doctor

Dr. WANG Jun

Medicine Ph.D.; Associate Senior Doctor

Dr. SHEN Ming

Senior doctor

Dr. ZHOU Xiang

Senior Doctor

Dr. SHI Xiaoping

Senior Doctor

Dr. YANG Menglan

Senior Doctor

Dr. LIU Peichang

Senior Doctor

Dr. WANG Yueqin

Senior Doctor

Dr. PANG Ning

Senior Doctor

Dr. CHEN Saying

Senior Doctor

Dr. Zhou Zhongshu

Doctor of medicine, Senior Doctor