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General Surgery(Gastrointestinal Surgery)
The 45-bed division is recognized as a valuable training institution for staff, interns and students, where a dedicated unit of doctors with high educational background including five PhDs and seven Masters, offer training programs to PhD and Master’s degree candidates from Peking Union Medical College and Peking University Health Science Center, clinical teaching programs to undergraduate students from Peking Union Medical College and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, and continuing education programs to doctors and nurses from hospitals around China.

Scientific research is an important part of the work that goes on at Division of Gastrointestinal Surgery where researchers lead many national research projects. We also have created a network between hospitals in Beijing, and a transnational network for long-term cooperation and regular exchange between China, U.S., Germany and Japan.

Procedures & Treatments

Our experienced surgeons provide state-of-the-art treatment and clinical care for patients with basic and complex gastrointestinal diseases.

At the Division of GI Surgery, it’s not just our expertise that makes us stand out from many of the world’s surgeons, it’s also our commitment to pushing forward, to finding what will work best for each patient’s individual condition. As such, we improve patient care by relying on NCCN Guidelines for Treatment of Cancer and we have pioneered numerous surgical techniques and procedures that are improving the lives of our patients. Among them are several minimally invasive surgical techniques and procedures that typically result in reduced tumor size, high resection rate and favorable prognosis. Procedures such as: TME, PANP, lateral lymph node dissection in rectal cancer, anus-preserving rectectomy for low-positioned rectal cancer, radical gastrectomy and laparoscopic surgery for gastric cancer and colorectal cancer.

Moreover, we are equipped with the most advantage diagnostic facilities including gastrointestinal endoscope to give better patients’ diagnosis and we provide better treatment of gastrointestinal diseases with combination of laparoscopic surgery and gastrointestinal series.

Dr. WANG Wenyue

MD, Professor, Senior Doctor, Tutor of students fo

Dr. LIU Zhize

Senior Doctor

Dr. DENG Zhoulu

MD, Senior Doctor

Dr. WANG Yan

MM, Senior Doctor

Dr. PEI Dongpo

Senior Doctor, Tutor of students for master degree

Dr. ZHOU Lei

MM, Associate Senior Doctor, Associate Professor,

Dr. DU Jiawen

Master of Medicine, Associate Senior Doctor

Dr. SONG Xin

Associate Senior Doctor

Dr. JIE Jianzheng

Post Doctor, Associate Senior Doctor