International medical care outpatient (emergency) department
International medical care department was set up in 1997, with the reform and opening up of China-Japan Friendship Hospital. It is a special medical care department established under the permission of the authorities in order to meet the medical needs of ambassadors and their relatives, the entrepreneurs and their relatives from the chambers of commerce in China, foreign companies and joint ventures, experts, professors and their relatives who study or work in China, tourists, foreign students and domestic people from all walks of life. Friends from more than 100 countries and regions have come to our hospital for seeing a doctor or physical examination.
Conditions We Treat:
International medical care outpatient department is consisted of about 30 specialist sections which can provide 24-hour emergency service, bringing great convenience to the patients. If you come to see a doctor or conduct the physical examination, you will be impressed by our neat, clear, comfortable and and services of high quality.
There will be enthusiastic and friendly hospital guides helping you choose departments and doctors, register and take you to the diagnostical area. Then, amicable nurses will take you to the doctors.
The doctors are chief physicians or associate chief physicians who are from 42 clinical departments including the department of internal medicine, surgical department, obstetrics & gynecology department, department of pediatrics, department of stomatology, ophthalmonogy, dermatology department and department of traditional Chinese medicine. When you come to see a doctor, we will conduct examination, diagnosis and treatment for you so as to alleviate the diseases for you.
At the same time, we set up five medical technology departments including radiation exam room, ultrasonic exam room, testing room, heart function testing room and department of pharmacy. Your examination will be conducted by practitioners from each department.
The staff in the International medical care outpatient (emergency) department have good command of one or two or even more foreign languages. They can communicate with in English, Japanese, Korean and French.
We are equipped with a 24- hour service hotline. Welcome for consultation and telephone registering.