News Releases
Good news: CJFH’s nursing units of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine Department IV and Lung Transplant Department winning honorary titles.
They are named as tth Red-Banner Collectives and Civilized Women’s Posts.
CJFH Unveiled New Inpatient Area Consisting of Bariatric Surgery and Dermatology
At the opening ceremony, Dr. Sun Yang, President of CJFH, extended his gratitude to the joint efforts of those from the Medical Affairs, General Surgery, Dermatology and Nursing.
Bringing Birthday Wishes to a 99-Year-Old Former President of CJFH
On behalf of the leadership of the hospital, Dr. Sun conveyed birthday wishes to Prof. Xin, wishing him a long and healthy life full of happiness.
CJFH Leadership Visited Personnel on Duty on the Eve of Chinese New Year
Healthcare workers who are on duty at the hospital’s Main Campus, the North Campus, the West Campus and the International Department stick to their posts to ensure the safe operation.
Lei Haichao, Director of Beijing Municipal Health Commission Visited Medical Staff of CJFH Who Were Still Treating Patients on the Eve of the Chinese New Year
Mr. Lei exchanged views with Dr. Sun Yang on implementing medical reform in the city of Beijing.