News Releases
Mayor Cai Qi Inspecting Separation of Prescribing from Dispensing at CJFH
Cai Qi also pointed out that even though the reform has been successfully launched at these hospitals, the critical test is still ahead.
The CJFH "Pink Ribbon" Club Holds the 18th Event
On behalf of CJFH, Party Secretary Zhou Jun extended his best wishes to the patients present and also underscored the “Pink Ribbon” Club events by the oncology department.
CJFH holds the second training session on separation of prescribing from dispensing
CJFH was quick to respond to the municipal initiative when the hospital created teams for implementation.
Life and Speed: CJFH’s Another Success on Air Transferred Emergency Case
Combination of aviation transport of medical service and regional alliance, key disciplines, and quality medical care resources of CJFH facilitates the operation of aerial emergency medical service
CJFH holds the first session briefing on “separation of prescribing from dispensing”
Party Secretary Zhou Jun and Vice President Ding Jinghong attended the event