News Releases
CJFH Holds 2019 Teachers’ Day Celebration and Teaching Commendation Conference
Those who received the honor include clinical departments that are awarded for quality management and individuals who are elected as the most favorite teachers.
The CTEPH Diagnosis and Treatment Team Saves the 50th Patient of Pulmonary Hypertension
Party Secretary Zhou Jun, President Sun Yang and heads of administrative divisions came to the operating room and attended the summary meeting.
CNA’s First Nursing Management Training Course Successfully Completed Training at CJFH
The 11-day clinical nursing management practice training has set up three sessions.
CJFH Officially Launched a Research Project on the ECMO Treatment System
The development of the ECMO Treatment system involves multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral collaborative work.
CJFH Leaders Visited Staff on Duty on the Second Chinese Doctors’ Day
The administrators brought flowers, cakes and good wishes to the clinicians who were on duty during the day.