News Releases
The Annual Conference on Pain Medicine was Held in Yinchuan where Dr. Tang Xuezhang was elected as Chairman and Dr. Ding Yongguo as Vice-Chairman
All the third committee members of the Pain Medicine Branch of the China Association of Chinese Medicine have been elected during this conference
Writing a New Chapter to Enjoy the Sunshine——a Story of CJFH’s OPO Office Completing 20 Organ Donation Cases
President Sun, who helped the OPO staff develop collaborations with other institutions, was particularly supportive.
Dr. Wang Chen, head of Respiratory Center of China-Japan Friendship Hospital won the Lifetime Award for his Respiratory Achievement.
He was also granted the Outstanding Respiratory Academic Contribution Award with Prof. Cao Bin.
CJFH Successfully Hosted the Meeting for the Patient Safety Project on “Standardized Examination, No-Harm Medication”
Over 80 people attended the ceremony, including Dr. Sun Yang, President of CJFH.
A Training Course on “Children’s Endocrine and Genetic-Metabolic Diseases” Hosted by CJFH Health Alliance for Pediatric Growth Disorders
It is expected that this event will strengthen the cooperation among pediatricians in such areas as endocrinology and genetic-metabolic diseases