News Releases
CJFH Holds a Training Session on Radiation Protection
This session has achieved its objectives: raising the medical radiologic employees’ awareness on radiation safety, equipping them with the prevention and protection technologies.
Gratuitous Eye Treatment Offered in Xiong’an by the Ophthalmology Department of CJFH
This program is believed to have raised students’ awareness about eye care, and have contributed to the improvement of their eye health.
【Warmth in Winter】 “May I help you?” My experience at the Health Check-up Center of China-Japan Friendship Hospital
Before nine o’clock, all my check-up porgrams were done, about one hour less than those in the past.
Three Experts from China-Japan Friendship Hospital, including Drs.Li Ping, Zhang Hongchun, Jin Ming were honored “Qihuang Scholars”
China-Japan Friendship Hospital will give full play to the leading role of the leading talents of " Qihuang Scholars", further improving the academic and clinical capacities.
CJFH signed 2019 Working Agreement on Poverty Alleviation with Baguo Street Community Health Service Center in Chengguan District of Lhasa
Task forces led by leaders of CJFH have made several visits to the autonomous region where they held talks with local leaders of the Health and Family Planning Commission