News Releases
Great news: Ms. Li Xiuhua of CJFH was awarded International Nightingale Medal
All the members of CJFH are proud of Ms. Li and our nurses. Congratulations! Let us express our thanks to them for their great contributions to and the honor they have earned for CJFH!
Central Discipline Officials Inspecting CJFH
CJFH President Wang Chen briefed the guests on recent Party conduct and integrity upholding events
CJFH Practical Activities with the Theme of “Party-Building Studies” Held in Jiangxi
It was to inherit the spirit of the Long March and promote specialist medical partnership construction
Signing Ceremony of Framework Agreement on Teaching and Research between CJFH and Tsinghua University School of Medicine
CJFH and the School of Medicine have maintained a good cooperative relationship, and the cooperation this time will further benefit both parties.
Mayor Cai Qi Inspecting Separation of Prescribing from Dispensing at CJFH
Cai Qi also pointed out that even though the reform has been successfully launched at these hospitals, the critical test is still ahead.