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Lung Transplant Center of China-Japan Friendship Hospital listed among top 8 of its kind across the world.
Source: Posted Date:12-28-2018

On December 19, 2018, a summary meeting of hundred cases of lung transplantation in China-Japan Friendship Hospital was held in Beijing. Since the beginning of this year, Lung Transplant Center of China-Japan Friendship Hospital has completed 104 lung transplant cases.
Since 2016, China-Japan Friendship Hospital has sprung up and become a veritable dark horse in the field of lung transplant. Among top 11 hospitals with the greatest lung transplant surgery in the world, China-Japan Friendship Hospital leads the top 11 hospitals with the greatest lung transplant surgery in the world in terms of its surgery cases and development speed. 
It took China-Japan Friendship Hospital only 1 year to make the great leap forward from the establishment of Lung Transplant Center of China-Japan Friendship Hospital to its total cases of lung transplant breaking 100. In March 2017, China-Japan Friendship Hospital signed up cooperation agreement with Wuxi People's Hospital, which wrote China-Japan Friendship Hospital introducing Chen Jingyu, vice president of Wuxi People's Hospital, and setting up Lung Transplant Center in China-Japan Friendship Hospital with Wang Chenren, then president of China-Japan Friendship Hospital as well as academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering as the director and Chen Jingyu deputy director. The then director of the China-Japan Hospital and the director of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Wang Chen was the director of the center. At that time, there were only China-Japan Friendship Hospital and Wuxi People’s Hospital which set up lung transplant department. 
On November 30, 2018, the annual operation volume of lung transplant in China-Japan Friendship Hospital reached 100 cases. The hospital completed 154 cases of lung transplant only in 1 year and 8 months. "The number of lung transplants that have been achieved in China-Japan Friendship Hospital for more than a year marks the height which I have spent 15 years in Wuxi," said Chen Jingyu. In addition, Lung Transplantation Center China-Japan Friendship Hospital was also included one of the top eight lung transplant centers which are capable of dealing with more than 100 cases of surgery in the world. The perioperative survival rate is 80%, which is close to the global advanced level.
Dr. Xin Yuling, the first President of China-Japan Friendship Hospital who completed the first lung transplant surgery in the country, has been recognized as the frontrunner of this profession. While Professor Chen Jingyu has become the one who completes the most lung transplant surgeries in the world.  And as the most important support for lung transplant, Respiratory and Critical Care Department is also a key and advantageous discipline at China-Japan Friendship Hospital. 
Chen Jingyu believes that China-Japan Friendship Hospital reaching the advanced level of the world in terms of the quality of its lung transplant can be attributed to the complete mechanism and system of lung transplant in the hospital. The system currently covers the screening of recipients, indications, preoperative rehabilitation, lung protection, smooth coordination of intraoperative thoracic surgery and surgical anesthesia, postoperative monitoring, long-term management and follow-up of lung transplant patients.
"The quality of life of patients with lung disease has always been our concern. I am very sympathetic to many patients with terminal lung disease , for the hernia they would suffer from which is said the most uncomfortable, closest to death."  concluded Academician Wang Chen at the meeting. He also mentioned: Pulmonary disease patients and even some doctors regard lung transplantation as the last chance, and they would not conduct the lung transplant surgery until it reaches the terminal stage in which the gap has formed in terms of the difficulty, effect with the early stage. 
"The rapid development of lung transplant technology in China-Japan Friendship Hospital is of great significance. For patients with advanced obesity such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension and pneumoconiosis, which forced them to do nothing by wait for death, it brings about hope of life which would benefit the patients a lot. Second, for the entire medical community, the hope of lung transplantation development remains great. Lung transplant is likely to represent China's highest level in the world medical community. " said Wang Chen.
Dr. Liu Peng, Vice President of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, said that the work of cardiopulmonary joint transplantation in the hospital is also underway, and the hospital has done adequate preparation for it. First, the hospital set up a team which was formed by Department of Heart Surgery and the team of lung transplant. At the same time, the ICU and other departments will also participate. The team will continue to study in the business and the hospital  will send the  professional team to study abroad. After the heart transplant qualification was approved, China-Japan Friendship Hospitals will enter the stage of actual cardiopulmonary transplantation. "We are ready, and of course we must carry out this practice in accordance with the laws."
In order to help patients with pneumoconiosis, a special fund for pneumoconiosis lung transplantation was set up by China-Japan Friendship Hospital and non-profit organizations to provide pneumoconiosis patients with public welfare assistance and conduct research on pneumoconiosis.