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Eye-cherishing, Eye-protecting free clinical program was organized by Ophthalmology Department of China-Japan Friendship Hospital
Source: Posted Date:12-28-2018

On December 19, 2018, the Ophthalmology Department of China-Japan Friendship Hospitals entered the campus and launched free clinic activities the under the theme of "eye-cherishing, eye-protection”. And the first stop for the activity lied Experimental Primary School in Chaoyang District, Beijing. Doctors from Ophthalmology Department of China-Japan Friendship Hospital conducted vision screening, anterior segment examination, refractive examination, eye position examination and fundus examination for more than 100 students in the school. After the examination, Dr. Gong Di delivered a lecture to the teacher and students present under the theme of "Children's Commonsense of Refractions".
This is also a unique program organized by the CPC Committee of the Ophthalmology Department at China-Japan Friendship Hospital and the Party Committee of the hospital's West Campus.
Dr. Gong Di received an enthusiastic response from students and teachers who enjoyed his friendly, lively and interesting lecture. Through Dr. Gong, students fully understood how to cherish their eyes and protect them, as well as the stories related to their growth. They all said that they have learned how to protect their eyes in their studies and daily life.
The activity enhanced students' awareness of eye-protection, playing an active role in promoting the prevention and control of myopia and oblique amblyopia and improving students’ eye health. All medical staff from the Ophthalmology Department of CJFH hope that under the care of the CPC and the government, and responding to the call of General Secretary Xi Jinping, students could make effort to protect their eyes, embracing a brighter future.