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The First Batch of CJFH Trainees on CHINA-CHEST PCCM Program Graduated
Source: Posted Date:06-29-2018

On June 21st, 2018, the 2018 Annual Conference of the Chinese Association of Respiratory Physicians, a specialty sub-association of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, was held in Guiyang, where certificates of the 2018 China-CHEST PCCM Program were granted to trainees at the opening ceremony. This year has witnessed the graduation of the first batch of trainees from CJFH, including Zhang Yi, Gao Qian, Wu Xiaojing, Cui Xiaojing, Tao Xincao, Feng Yingying and Li Lijuan since the hospital was listed as a training base in 2014. 
Fruitful exploratory efforts have been made in carrying out standardized professional training programs on specialists under the China-CHEST PCCM Program. Since 2012, 12 pilot training bases have been selected nationwide in preparation for the official launch of the National PCCM Program with rich experience. All the trainees on the program will be granted certificates only if they pass the final PCCM exam in English by the American CHEST when they complete the whole training process in line with the international standards. The certificates they hold are recognized by the Chinese Thoracis Society,the Respiratory Physicians Association of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association and American College of Chest Physicians. 78.2% of the trainees on the program were granted certificates nationwide while 100% in CJFH this year.
Great importance has been attached to the program by CJFH leadership and the Departments concerned, such as Respiratory Medicine Center, Human Resources Department, Medical Affairs Department, Information Department and Education Department. Besides the supporting efforts made by the full-time administrative staff on regular supervision and examination of the program, Prof. Qiao Liren, a CJFH specially-appointed professor at the Medical School, University of Southern California, has also contributed years of on-site instruction to the successful implementation of the program. Aiming at improving China’s physicians’ expertise in treating respiratory diseases especially those in critical stage to address the imbalance in medical care quality among different regions, hospitals and physicians, Dr. Wang Chen, an academician and director of CJFH Respiratory Medicine Center, has made great endeavors in proposing providing PCCM programs to respiratory physicians an important part of China’s system of postgraduation standardized training on specialist physicians, which has been of great significance to the development of respiratory medicine in China.     
Despite all the challenges and difficulties, we want to congratulate the graduates and wish China’s PCCM Program greater success in training highly-qualified respiratory specialist physicians.