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Enjoying the “Sharing Era” and Bringing Convenience to People
Source: Posted Date:06-21-2018

With the rapid development of Internet technology, more and more new sharing things like sharing bicycles, cars, umbrellas and mobile power supplies have appeared around us, changing people’s habits and making people’s life more convenient. The “Sharing Era” has already come.
Recently, more than 20 “sharing wheelchairs” appeared in China-Japan Friendship Hospital (CJFH) and our hospital has also become one of the first group of hospitals in Beijing to have sharing wheelchairs.
It is very convenient to rent a sharing wheelchair. You just need to open the Bluetooth in your phone, use the Alipay to scan the QR code on the wheelchair to enter the rental applet of the sharing wheelchair, and follow the steps to pay a 198-yuan deposit to successfully finish the renting procedure. (Those whose Alipay sesame credit exceeds 650 points can rent the sharing wheelchair free from deposit.) There is no charge within 2 hours after successful renting, 3 yuan per hour when exceeding 2 hours and no more than 20 yuan for one day. The process of returning sharing wheelchairs is also very convenient. Push the lock on the wheelchair against the lock slot and you will successfully return the wheelchair when you hear a double click. Then turn on your mobile phone Bluetooth again, use Alipay to scan the QR code above, and then enter the Alipay App to scan the above QR code to return it. Users can apply for the refund of the deposit after return the chair. 
At the same time, the company signing a contract with the hospital will designate professional maintenance personnel to regularly clean, disinfect and maintain the sharing wheelchairs to ensure the safety of patients.
For the convenience of patients, the hospital has selected several locations where they can have an easy access to the wheelchairs. The places include crowded areas such as emergency entrances, outpatient service desks and the International Department. The hospital also put sharing wheelchairs on the first floor of its parking facility to help patients who are in need.
Considering that some patients, especially the elderly, cannot use mobile phones skillfully, the hospital’s emergency department will still have some wheelchairs for rent. Patients care allowed to present valid documents as guarantees to rent those chairs.
In the future, the hospital will combine the use condition of patients and increase the location sites and number of sharing wheelchairs to facilitate more patients.