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Department of Anesthesiology Holds Seminar on Nursing Management in Operating Rooms
Source: Posted Date:05-25-2018

In order to build an academic exchange platform for nursing practitioners and to improve their skills, the Beijing Nursing Association’s subcommittee of Operating-room Nursing and nursing practitioners of China-Japan Friendship Hospital (CJFH) jointly hold a seminar on operating room management on May 16-17, 2018.
The seminar was presided over by Director Sun Yuhong, Chairman of the Beijing Nursing Association’s subcommittee of Operating-room Nursing. Nursing practitioners from Beijing Tongren Hospital, Peking University First Hospital, Xuanwu Hospital, Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Peking University People’s Hospital, Beijing Friendship Hospital, Beijing Shijitan Hospital and Beijing Hospital, among other 24 head nurses from 18 hospitals across the city attended the event.
This seminar focused on the issues in the operating rooms management. Firstly, the Head Nurse of CJFH's opeating theater and leaders of professional teams introduced the situation of our department, such as the operation handover mode and the problems that have been encountered, the operating-room items, the management of medical staff, difficulties in operating-room quality management, operation-room performance management, human resources and surgical scheduling management, operating-room equipment management, multi-hospital management experience, key points of supply-room and operating-room cooperation and teaching experience sharing.
After each topic, Mrs. Sun Yuhong and Ms. Zhang Ying would make comments on the actual work of our department and ask teachers of the Professional Committee and other hospital’s head nurses to share their management experience. With regard to the patients’ transfer, some hospitals use paramedical staff, some use assistant nurses, while some hospitals have their own nurses to receive patients. We analyzed the advantages and limitations of various forms and discussed how to ensure that patients can be transferred safely while the paramedical staff loss can be reduced simultaneously. In addition, in the face of intense human resources and surgical scheduling, the head nurses fully recognized the working enthusiasm and mental outlook of the nurses in our department. Teachers of the Professional Committee also made detailed introduction in accordance with the characteristics of their own hospitals, and people communicated with each other and learned from the most optimized scheduling method. In terms of quality management, Head Nurse Zhang Ying introduced the contents of the improvement projects related to safety quality and shared management experience. Thanks to the adoption of comment plus discussion method, the seminar enjoyed a warm atmosphere. Everyone offered advice and suggestions and achieved the goal of learning from each other and mutual communication.
Finally, the head nurses visited the operating theater and the supply-room under the guidance of Director Sun and several head nurses. They also gained an in-depth understanding of the workflow and methods of our department and the supply-room, such as the equipment configuration process, writing of surgical nursing records, the handover issue between the operating theater and the supply-room, and contents related to the sterilization cycle of emergency equipment, instrument pretreatment and the new version of the disinfection and isolation technical specification, seeking management methods that can be used for reference.
The bright spring has witnessed nursing professionals gathered in the operating theater of CJFH to discuss the existing management puzzles and solutions related to the operating theater in a simple and practical manner. They have learned from each other’ management models and jointly contributed to the improved management of the operating theaters. With great feedback from the head nurses, this seminar is expected to set directions for the future of the department of anesthesiology.