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Nursing Experts Come to Communities to Help Grass-roots Nurses Improve Skills
Source: Posted Date:05-30-2018

On May 18, 2018, under the joint organization of the Specialist Nursing Committee of China-Japan Friendship Hospital (CJFH) Nursing Department and CJFH Medical Reform and Development Office, some of the specialist nursing backbones in our hospital came to the Wangjing Community Health Service Center to carry out professional training forhealth alliance community nursing backbones. Nearly 100 nursing professionals from 25 community health service centers as well as secondary and tertiary hospitals in Chaoyang District participated in the training.

In response to the strong demand for specialized nursing knowledge training in grass-roots medical institutions, the heavy workload of grass-roots nursing staffand limited opportunities for further study, CJFH specially organized six professional specialist nursing leaders with rich clinical nursing experience to serve as instructors. The training enjoyed comprehensive and excellent content,covering knowledge from nurse-patient communication to specialized disease nursing. The instructorsexplained profound theories in simple languageand paid great attention to examples, creating a strong on-site learning atmosphere. Participants concentratedtheir attention on and listened carefully all the way and conducted face-to-face consultations and discussions on relevant issues. After the meeting, people all expressed that the content of this trainingwas in conformity withthe actual work of the community thus it was more realistic and practical. The experts carried out lectures carefully, promptly solved the difficult problems in the community work and showed the professional standards of CJFH specialist nurses.And it is hoped thatsuch high-level specialist teaching can be continued to bring benefits for more grass-roots nursing staff and patients of the health alliance units.