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Life Times: CJFH-999 Aviation Medical Rescue Seminar Is Held at Beijing
Source: Posted Date:01-25-2018

On January 20, 2018, China-Japan Friendship Hospital(CJFH) and 999 Emergency Center co-organized the “The Aviation Medical Rescue Seminar”, assisting “Healthy China”.

This seminar aims to promote the air-ground integrated rescue system construction. With "aviation medical rescue" as its theme, it includes the following main contents: the sharing of advanced aviation medical rescue experience at home and abroad, professional training of aviation medical rescue, pre-hospital emergency care, air transport, the establishment of various specialties rescue and treatment green channels within hospitals, information intercommunication and linkage between hospitals and air transport institutions within the health alliance, the establishment of normative aviation medical transport process, the development of scientific and rational quality evaluation system of aviation medical rescue and treatment, etc.

Wang Chen, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and CJFH President delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. He expressed that China’s aviation medical rescue was still in the starting phase. CJFH has finished some aviation transport in succession since August 2017 or before, laying a sound foundation for developing formal aviation medical rescue in China. At present, China’s aviation medical rescue is moving toward normal operation.

Xu Shuqiang, Director-General of National Health and Family Planning Commission Health Emergency Response Office made a thematic report titled “Current Status and Development of China’s Aviation Medical Rescue”. According to the introduction of Director-General Xu Shuqiang, Beijing is developing Capital Red Cross Aviation Medical Rescue System now; Shanghai is just starting to formulate Yangtze Delta Regional Aviation Rescue Union; Henan is establishing 24-hour Normalized Aviation Medical Rescue Circle; Hunan is founding One Golden Hour Rescuing Network and Hubei is achieving the full-coverage of the taking-off and landing places of medical helicopters among different cities within the province. Next, the idea of life supremacy will be carried forward and the disaster-relief abilities will be enhanced.

On the basis of undertaking the construction of a national emergency medical rescue team at central level, CJFH would establish aviation medical rescue system with leading disciplines such as respiratory and critical care medicine as the core, 999 air transport as the means and cooperative hospitals of the health alliance as the network, positively develop aviation medical rescue tasks and promote the establishment of the aviation rescue system that could rush to the rescue scene in first time at 200-250 kilometers per hour within 30 minutes by cooperating with 999, covering the surrounding area of 600 kilometers with Beijing as the center. Meanwhile, CJFH strives to become a national aviation rescue base hospital and the first stop to provide professional technical support and medical care for sudden national emergency air rescue.

Centering on Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the emergency medical rescue transport network would fully represent the mission "Serving as the advanced ideological source and powerful driving source of China's medical career” of CJFH as a state-level hospital. At the same time, the resource advantages of aviation medical transport institutions like 999 would be utilized to support the medical treatment capacity and system construction of CJFH health alliance units, achieve the rational allocation and the optimization of medical resources and provide upfront medical service support for the next Xiong’an District medical construction and 2022 Winter Olympics. (Life Time Reporter   Tian Fei)

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