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China.org.cn: Building Professional Teams! “CJFH-999 Aviation Medical Rescue Seminar” Is Held
Source: Posted Date:01-26-2018

China.org.cn January 22 (Reporter Tong Jing) On January 20, China-Japan Friendship Hospital(CJFH) and Beijing 999 Emergency Center co-organized the “CJFH-999 Aviation Medical Rescue Seminar” at CJFH. Nearly 400 people including relative leaders of National Health and Family Planning Commission, Red Cross Society of China, Beijing Health and Family Planning Commission, Red Cross Society of China Beijing Branch, the Organizing Committee of 2022 Winter Olympics and general aviation field, presidents of various hospitals in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and academic leaders of emergency and critical diseases participated in the seminar.

Aviation medical rescue is a rescue method with rapid response and high professionalism. Since the 1970s, developed countries and regions have established a three-dimensional health emergency system successively and have achieved the normal operation of aviation medical rescue.

China's aviation medical rescue system is still in its starting and exploring phase and there is still a great gap compared with the aviation medical rescue system in major developed countries. Data shows that in 2015, the United States aviation medical rescue team performed 450,000 tasks, possessed 1045 dedicated helicopters and 362 fixed-wing aircrafts and covered 84.5% of the country's population. While in China, we performed less than 1000 tasks annually and only had 10 dedicated helicopters and 6 fixed-wing aircrafts.

For the development of China's aviation medical rescue system, CJFH President Wang Chen believes that one important issue that needs thinking is how to realize the standardization and specialization. Xu Shuqiang, Director-General of National Health and Family Planning Commission Health Emergency Response Office also pointed out in his speech that the most important problems in China were the issue of specialization and the insufficiency of rescue ability. And the core is the lack of specialized talents so the systematic and professional training of practitioners should be strengthened.

China's aviation medical rescue service started in 2005 and has achieved rapid development in the past three years. The "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" for National Emergency Response System Construction issued by the General Office of the State Council in 2017 encourages the development of China's aviation medical transport and treatment work and explores the construction of our national aviation medical rescue power. Xu Shuqiang stressed that the national emergency medical rescue team under the construction of CJFH should be developed into the first professional air-ground integrated national medical rescue team in domestic.

The CJFH parking apron was completed on August 29, 2017. It is the nearest medical apron to Beijing downtown area in Beijing city with 24-hour full-time response and taking-off as well as landing capacity of night navigation, realizing the seamless connection between air and ground rescue. Meanwhile, CJFH is close to the Jingcheng Expressway and the Airport Expressway and it is the most convenient national Third Grade Class A General Hospital which is nearest to Beijing Capital International Airport. Since November 2016, CJFH has successfully admitted and transported 13 cases of aviation medical rescue patients by now, 3 by fixed-wing aircrafts and 10 by helicopters.

It was introduced that CJFH established an emergency system that could rush to the rescue scene in first time at 200-250 kilometers per hour within 30 minutes by cooperating with 999, covering the surrounding area of 600 kilometers with Beijing as the center. Centering on Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the emergency medical rescue transport network would realize the convenience of aviation emergency medical rescue and the orderly referral of difficult and critical diseases patients among tertiary medical institutes, solve the influential treating difficulties due to traffic and geography and provide upfront medical service support for the next Xiong’an District medical construction and 2022 Winter Olympics.