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Gout Patients Gathering at DRI for Caring Insights
Source: Posted Date:08-11-2017

With the restructuring in diet, more and more people are suffering from gout, a common rheumatism that now seems to have begun attacking increasingly younger patients. Recurrent trouble may result in chalkstone and even joint lesions, posing a great threat to the health of the victims. Meanwhile, patients have been lacking the knowledge on gout, failing to have it diagnosed at an early stage. With the aim of raising people’s awareness, the department of rheumatology and immunology (DRI) of China-Japan Friendship Hospital (CJFH) provided lectures for gout patients on August 5, 2017.

Dr. Wu Donghai, an expert on and chief physician of rheumatology and immunology elaborated on the nosogenesis, clinical symptoms, treatment and the use of pharmaceuticals for gout and hyperuricemia. The best handling of the disease, Wu said, included medication and natural therapies, which should be supported with a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. Stay away from high-purine food, alcohol, and beers in particular. Drink a lot of water to ensure urination. Pharmaceuticals should be used, and be given at particular stage of the illness, which basically meant that in the acute stage of gout, anti-inflammatory and pain-killing treatment would be required, and in the phase of remission, urate lowering therapy should be employed. In addition, for medication on urate lowering, details such as liver and kidney functions, excretion of aciduria, and whether the patient has kidney stones, have to be considered.

The lecture was quite successful, for Professor Wu was able to express the profound in simple language. The audience listened carefully and some took pictures of the slides.

Then Zhang Fan, a nurse,  began to lecture on the diet for gout patients. She ranked some of the common foods in order of purine content. After the lecture there were also games to facilitate interaction between participants.

Then Dr. Wu Donghai and Dr. Lu Xin, both chief physicians, answered questions from patients who had listened, and offered suggestions on lifestyle and medication.

These lectures provided detailed information on gout and hyperuricemia for the patients, who welcomed this gathering and said that they would pay attention to the points referred to in the lectures.

The Department of Rheumatology and Immunology is going to hold more gatherings and activities for gout sufferers and help them.