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Beijing Youth Daily: The New Outpatient Building under the International Department of China-Japan Friendship Hospital to Open to the Public
Source: Posted Date:05-28-2017

The new outpatient building under the International Department of China-Japan Friendship Hospital is open to the public recently, which covers an area of 8,400 square meters and is a foreign-related medical outpatient building with the largest single construction area in China.

At the new outpatient building, there are 800 daily outpatients, 100 sick beds, 32 medical departments of international high-end levels and 34 specialist and typical disease outpatients, including breathing, heart, digestion, endocrine, rheumatism, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, traditional Chinese medicine and rehabilitation. By virtue of a national remote medical management and training center established in China-Japan Friendship Hospital, the International Department should make severe and typical disease consultations at home and abroad. In addition, there are many approaches to detect treatment equipment, including day wards, infusion observation, independent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and CT. At the same time, relatively independent parking facilities are also installed underground.

According to Wang Chen, president of China-Japan Friendship Hospital, when the new outpatient building is open to the public, the International Department of China-Japan Friendship Hospital will implement the membership, provide group health security, build up a health management team and establish a domestic and overseas remote medical expert system. At the same time, the International Department adopts the responsibility system of the attending physician. Namely, one attending physician organizes several competent physicians to form an attending group, which is fully responsible for implementing a medical management mode. Under this mode, such group should carry out the patient admissions, hospitalization, medical treatment (surgery included) and discharge follow-ups.