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China Youth Online: The New Outpatient Building under the International Department of China-Japan Friendship Hospital to Open to the Public
Source: Posted Date:05-28-2017

According to news from China Youth Online on May 26 ( China Youth Daily• China Youth Online Journalist  Jiang Lei), the new outpatient building under the International Department of China-Japan Friendship Hospital is open to the public today in order to satisfy medical demands posed by foreigners in China and personnel who cover commercial medical insurances.

Covering an area of 8,400 square meters, the new outpatient building under the International Department is a foreign-related medical outpatient building which covers the largest single construction area in China, possesses improved and high-end medical facilities and enjoys modern outpatient features. The new outpatient building and the inpatient building that possesses 100 sickbeds form a foreign-related medical center which has advanced equipment, beautiful environment and achieved the international level.

Founded in 1984, the International Department of China-Japan Friendship Hospital has become one of the earliest foreign-related medical institutions since the reform and opening-up, which exerts a critical medical security role in national and social development. The International Department undertook and successfully finished a series of large-scale international medical security tasks, such as the Olympic Games.

Due to the rapid social and economic development in China, a large number of foreigners in China and social personnel possessing commercial medical insurances (international commercial medical insurances included) pose an obviously increasing medical demand and propose higher requirements for medical treatment convenience and levels. Under the new situation, the original International Department which covered an area of only 800 square meters, had only 50 sickbeds and adopted outdated technological systems and management manners has failed to satisfy social demands any more. In order to solve this situation, China-Japan Friendship Hospital has increased the number of sickbeds in the International Department to 100 since 2016 and simultaneously launched the construction of the new outpatient building.

At the new outpatient building, there are 800 daily outpatients, 32 medical departments of international high-end levels and 34 specialist and typical disease outpatients, including  breathing, heart, digestion, endocrine, rheumatism, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, traditional Chinese medicine and rehabilitation. Medical expert groups, including academicians, masters of traditional Chinese medicine, multidisciplinary director members from Chinese Medical Association and Chang Jiang scholars, carry out medical consultations and at the same time, make multidisciplinary joint treatment and diagnoses. By virtue of the advantages of a national remote medical management and training center established in China-Japan Friendship Hospital and with the support from advanced information technology, the International Department should innovate the Internet medical mode and cooperate with domestic and international famous medical institutions to make severe and typical disease consultations at home and abroad. In addition, there are many approaches to detect treatment equipment, including day wards, infusion observation, independent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and CT. At the same time, relatively independent parking facilities are also installed underground.

On the basis of the disciplinary strength of China-Japan Friendship Hospital, the Inpatient Department under the International Department adopts the responsibility system of the attending physician, the medical consultation system of senior multidisciplinary specialists, and the modern medical management system that conforms to international commercial medical insurance requirements.

The International Department has attached great importance to humanity and medical care for patients on the basis of modern health service ideas, establishes a health management team and a domestic and overseas remote medical expert group and sets up a systematic one-stop business system for prevention, medical treatment and rehabilitation by adopting advanced minimally invasive, painless and accurate medical technologies.

According to the introduction, the International Department is regarded as an open platform which brings high-quality medical resources to patients from across the world. At the internal direction, outstanding medical groups from China-Japan Friendship Hospital acquire corresponding posts through the fierce competition. At the external direction, the International Department cooperates with domestic and overseas famous experts, high-quality medical resources, commercial insurance companies and the third-party service companies. The two directions aim to create an unique operation manner and brand of high-end medical markets for larger social values. (edited by HEALTHY CHINA)