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Dr. ZHANG Zhiyuan

Titles: Associate Professor
Department: TCM Diabetic Dept.
Education: Master Degree of Medical Science, 2002
Graduation from TCM Department of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 1995; 
Specialty: Diabetes Mellitus and Chronic or Acute Complication with Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine;
Metabolic Syndrome;
Chronic Renal Function Failure
Honors: First Grade Award of Science and Technology Progress, Third Grade Award of Science and Technology Progress one and two times respectively from China Association of Chinese Medicine (CACM);
First Grade and Second Grade Award of Science and Technology Progress from China-Japan Friendship Hospital;
Research: Molecular Biology and Epidemiology of Gene Related with Obesity, Insulin resistance, Hypertension
Early Screening of  Metabolic Syndrome Supported by The National Key Technology R&D Program, head of one division of the Project;
20 Years of  Follow-up Study in Prevention of Diabetic Mellitus in Daqing City
Publications: More than 10 articles and Contribution to 4 books