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Dr. LI Aiguo

Titles: Senior Doctor, Associate Professor
Department: TCM Diabetic Dept., China-Japan Friendship Hospital
Experience: Doctor since 1991, China-Japan Friendship Hospital
Specialty: Diabetes Mellitus and Complication with Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine;
Metabolic Syndrome;
Positions: Committee member, Diabetes Division of China Association of Chinese Medicine;
Part-time Professor, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Honors: Sixth National Book Special Award;
Third Grade Award of Science and Technology Progress from by China Association of Chinese Medicine (CACM);
Second Grade Award of Popular Science Books from CACM;
Second Grade Award of Science and Technology Progress from China-Japan Friendship Hospital
Research: Beijing TCM Inheritance Program “3+3”: Workshop of Prestigious TCM expert Yin Huihe, Participant;
2 Type Diabetic Nephropathy: A Double-blind Randomized Clinical Controlled Multi-center Trial, Supported by a Grant from Major State Basic Research Development Program of China (973 Program), Participant;