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Dr. FAN Bifa

Titles: Professor, Supervisor of doctoral students, The committee member of the fifth committee of the Pain Medicine Branch of Chinese Medical Association; Associate editor of Chinese Journal of Pain Medicine
Education: M.M. Degree: Department of Anaesthesiology in China Medical University, 1986-1989;M.B. Degree: Shanxi Medical University, 1979-1984
Experience: Systemic research and study of clinical medicine in Kanazawa Medical University, Japan and Asahikawa Medical College, Japan
Specialty: Good at minimally invasive interventional neuroradiology analgesia, Spinal Cord Stimulation, central target controlled infusion analgesia and  comprehensive treatment in special areas;
Development of a series of  skills which takes lead at home and aboard in treatment of pains
Positions:  Attending physician, supervisor of Ph. D. students, director of the National Pain Diagnosis Centre, director of  Division of Pain Management in China-Japan Friendship Hospital
Publications: More than 60 articles about clinical pain medicine on national and international magazines;
Co-author of seven medical books