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Dr. Bai Yulan

Dr. Bai Yulan
Senior Doctor, Professor
 Former Director of Acupuncture Dept
Bai Yulan is the former director of Acupuncture Dept, China-Japan Friendship Hospital. She specializes in acupuncture treatment of cerebrovascular diseases, nervous system diseases etc.
Titles: Senior Doctor, Professor
Former Director of Acupuncture Dept
Department Acupuncture Dept
Experience: Director of Acupuncture Dept for 16 years, China-Japan Friendship Hospital;
Doctor in field of acupuncture for 53 years
Specialty: Cerebrovascular diseases, nervous system diseases etc.
Positions: Council Member, China Association for Acupuncture and Moxibustion (CAAM);
Expert Member, Technical Appraisal of Medical Accidents, Beijing Municipal Medicine Association
Honors: Exemplary Teacher, Exemplary Professor;
Beneficiary of the Special Allowance of the State Council
Research: Golden Prize, Hi-tech Exhibition Expo in 1994;
Outstanding Winner By World Natural Medicine Organization
Publications: More than 30 articles in medical journals