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Dr. Yao Zhiyuan

 Senior Doctor, Associate Professor
Yao Zhiyuan graduated from top Chinese medical universities CUMU and PUHSC, and had overseas medical training experience in Japan and Thailand. He specializes in fields of infectious skin diseases,  sexually transmitted diseases, headstrong skin diseases.
Titles: Senior Doctor, Associate Professor
Supervisor of Master Candidates
Department: Dept of Dermatovenereology
Education: China Union Medical University, Master Degree of Dermatovenereology in 2001;
Graduation from Peking University Health Science Center (former Beijing Medical University) in 1988;
Study and Training in the Asia-pacific region dermatovenereology program sponsored by the Japanese government JICA project, Diploma in Dermatology, in 1997;
Study and research in Tel Aviv University Medical Center, Israel in 1994 sponsored by scholarship.
Experience: Doctor since 1988, China-Japan Friendship Hospital.
Specialty: Fungi Infectious skin diseases such as tinea manus and pedis, tinea unguium etc.;
Sexually transmitted diseases such as condyloma acuminatum, genital herpes etc.;
Headstrong dermatosis such as psoriasis, vitiligo etc.
Positions: Part-time Professor of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine;
Expert Member, Technical Appraisal of Medical Accidents, Chaoyang District Medicine Association.
Honors: Excellent teacher and Exemplary communist party member of China-Japan Friendship Hospital.
Publications: More than 30 Articles in Core Medical Journals