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Dr. FENG Shilun

Dr. FENG Shilun
Senior Doctor
Dr. FENG Shilun graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. He is an expert on classical prescriptions with more than 50 years’ clinical experience.
Titles: Professor, Senior Doctor
Department: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Andrology Dept., China-Japan Friendship Hospital
Education: Graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
Experience: Clinical work of traditional Chinese medicine in Dongzhimen Hospital Affiliated to Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and China-Japan Friendship Hospital;
More than 50 years of clinical experience, learning from many renowned veteran physicians in traditional Chinese medicine, such as DONG Jianhua, ZHAO Shaoqin, HU Xishu, etc.
Specialty: Expert on classical prescriptions for chronic prostatitis, endocrine diseases, heat diseases, cough and asthma, skin diseases, etc
Positions: Member of Andrology Branch, China Association of Chinese Medicine;
Standing member of Specialty Committee for Cosmetic Dermatology, China Association of Chinese Medicine;
Member of editorial board of Chinese Journal of Osteoporosis
Honors: Winner of many state-level and ministerial-level awards
Publications: Author of Tracing Origin of Treatise on Cold Pathogenic Diseases and Miscellaneous diseases (Shanghan Zabing Lun);
Author of 5 monographs, such as Facsimile Prescriptions