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Digestive disorders/TCM Lung & Spleen

Dr. FU Renjie

 Dr. Fu, supervisor of master of traditional Chinese medicine candidates, is an excellent doctor in the treatment based on syndrome differentiation of  cerebral and nerve disease.
Titles: Senior Doctor;
Supervisor of Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine Candidates
Department: Gastroenterology Dept. of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China-Japan Friendship Hospital (CJFH)
Education: Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
Experience: Experienced doctor in the clinical treatment of internal diseases
Specialty: Expert in the treatment based on syndrome differentiation of  cerebral and nerve disease like internal rare disease, headache and dizzy, hypomnesia, insomnia, anxiety, depression, stroke, cerebral infarction, hemiplegia, paraesthesia, parkinsonism, encephalatrophy, ataxia, epilepsy, amyotrophy, myasthenia, nephrasthenia syndrome, deficiency of spleen and stomach, stomachache and gastrectasia, chronic diarrhea, constipation, and geriatric conditions
Honors: Science and Technology Award获科技奖等三项
Research: Director of  key projects of “the Seventh Five-Year National Scientific and Technology Key Task Program”;
Head of many projects Ministry of Public Health, State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Publications: Author of over 40 academic theses;
Contributing author of Practical Clinical Internal Medicine of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, and 实用中医脑病学