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Dr. Yang Ling

 A graduate from Capital Medical University, Yang Ling has been working in the field of pediatrics for more than 10 years, and is current doctorial student of Chinese Peking Union Medical College
Titles: M.M., Associate Senior Doctor
Department: Pediatrics Dept. China-Japan Friendship Hospital
Education: Pediatrics, Capital Medical University, 1997;
M.M. degree: Chinese Peking Union Medical College;
Current doctorial student of Chinese Peking Union Medical College
Experience: Pediatrician for 10 years
Specialty: Expert in diagnosis and treatment for disease of respiratory tract, digestive tract, urinary system in children and disease of newborn
Honors; Second prize, Scientific and Technological Advancement Award, China-Japan Friendship Hospital
Research: Researcher of the theoretical and etiological research on PKU;
Main-contributor to projects supported by Chinese National Natural Science Foundation and China-Japan Friendship Hospital
Publications: Author of more than 10 academic papers which relate to subjects as inherited metabolic disorders, endocrinopathy, and diseases of nervous system in children, etc.