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Dr. Wang Yunfeng

A Peking University graduate, Wang Yunfeng has been working as clinical pediatrician for near 20 years, and experienced in treating varieties of common disease in children.
Titles: Associate Senior Doctor, Associate Professor, M.D.
Department: Pediatrics Dept., China-Japan Friendship Hospital
Education M.D. degree: Peking University Health Science Center;
Trainee un:der Prof. Ding Jie’s instruction on renal disease in children
Experience: Clinical Pediatrician for 20 years
Specialty: Experienced doctor in diagnosis and treatment for common diseases in children, such as renal disease and disease of nervous system  in children
Positions: Associate Professor, Peking University Health Science Center
Research: Associate in projects supported by Chinese National Natural Science Foundation
Publications: First-author of more than 20 academic papers, 3 papers of which have been included in SCI;
Chief editor of 2 academic works;
Co-contributor to 2 professional books