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Dr. DONG Enyu

DONG Enyu, senior doctor of Gastroenterology Department, has rich experience in gastroenterology and the winner of Outstanding Paper Award of Beijing and of Progress in Science and Technology Award of China-Japan Friendship Hospital.
Titles: Senior Doctor
Department: Gastroenterology Dept., China-Japan Friendship Hospital
Education: Further study in gastroenterology with Prof. Yan being the supervisor, the Hospital affiliated to Tokyo Juntendo University, Japan, 1983.3-1983.9;
Master Degree of gastroenterology with Prof. Zhang being the supervisor and Prof. Bei, Prof. Chen, Prof. Li his associate supervisor, Beijing Union Medical College Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, 1978-1981;
Continuing study in Internal Medicine, Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, 1975-1977;
Bachelor Degree, Peking Union Medical College, 1967
Experience: Work experience in Gastroenterology Department of China-Japan Friendship Hospital since 1982
Specialty: Rich experience in gastroenterology;
Proficiency in diagnosis and treatment  of gastroenterology diseases;
Skilled doctor in  gastroscopy, colonoscopy, abdominal B-mode ultrasound examination and endoscopic therapy
Positions: Attending Physician, Associate Senior Doctor, Senior Doctor successively in China-Japan Friendship Hospital
Honors: Winner of Outstanding Paper Award of Beijing;
Winner of Progress in Science and Technology Award of China-Japan Friendship Hospital
Research: Primary researches on double contrast of gastrointestinal barium, diagnosis of early- gastric cancer, and endoscopy during the further study in Juntendo University in Japan
Publications: Author of more than 30 published papers