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Dr. Da Jiping

Titles M.M., Senior Doctor
Department Head of Pathology Department, China-Japan Friendship Hospital.
Education M.A. degree: Department of Medicine, The Fourth Military Medical University;
Post Ph.D.: ICR, PosBar-Ilan University;
Visiting scholar: Uppsala University Hospital;
Experience Attending Doctor, China-Japan Friendship Hospital, 1987;
Associate Senior Doctor, China-Japan Friendship Hospital, 1992;
Senior Doctor, China-Japan Friendship Hospital, 1999.
Specialty Specialized in pathological diagnosis, particular pathologic diagnosis for respiration disorder, gynecological disease, immune myonosus and lymphoma.
Positions Vice-chairman of Chinese Pathologist Association, Chinese Medical Doctor Association;
Editorial member of Chinese Journal of Diagnostic Pathology;
Deputy director of Chinese Society of Cytopathology, Chinese Gynecological Oncologist Association, CMA;
Member of Pathology Section, Chinese Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, CMA;
Specialist in counseling for emendation of National Standard for Medical Sevices and Prices released by Ministry of Health;
Member of Beijing Pathological Quality Control and Improvement Committee;
Subeditor of Diagnostic Gynecologic and Obstetric Pathology;
Member of the editorial board of Intraoperative Pathologic Diagnostic Illustrations
Honors Second/Third/Forth Prize, Military S&T Advancement Awards.
Research Executive of sub-issue of the project of National High Technology Research and Development Program("863"Program) of China;
Manager of programs of China-Japan Friendship Hospital
Publications Author of more than 10 academic papers published in journals home and abroad;
Activities Holder of a patent in China/U.S./Europe;
Supervisor for master students, 1998