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General Surgery(Gastrointestinal Surgery)

Dr. ZHOU Lei

MM, Associate Senior Doctor, Associate Professor, Tutor of students for master degree
Gastrointestinal Surgery Dept.
Graduate from Peking University Health Science Center (7-year program of joint undergraduate-postgraduate), learning from renowned surgical expert, professor LIU Yucun, 1997;
One-year further study in Kanazawa Medical University as researcher from China-Japan Friendship Hospital, 2006;
Expert on standardized treatment of gastrointestinal tumors (e.g. gastric cancer, colon and rectal cancer), surgery and comprehensive therapy for gastrointestinal tumors and other benign diseases, such as gastrointestinal polyps, diverticulum, etc;
In-depth research on TEM operation, lateral lymph node dissection with autonomic nerve preservation, anus-preserving operation for low rectal cancer, vagus nerve-preserving radical gastrectomy, etc;
Pioneer expert in gastrointestinal stromal tumors;
Basic and clinical research on gastric cancer, colon and rectal cancer, stromal tumor, lymphoma, neuroendocrine tumor and breast cancer;
Member of Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology, Chinese Anti-cancer Association;
Member of Gastric Cancer Association, Chinese Anti-cancer Association;
Special editorial member of National Medical Journal of China;
Reviewer of Chinese Journal of Clinicians;
Member of editorial board, such journals as Chinese Journal of Composite Clinical Medicine, Chinese Journal of Current Traditional and Western Medicine, Journal of Chinese Modern Surgery, etc.
Author of more than 30 academic papers in core journals