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CJFH Holds Video Conference on Prevention of COVID-19 to Staff and Families of Chinese Embassy in Japan
Source: Posted Date:04-16-2020

On the afternoon of April 8, 2020, experts of China-Japan Friendship Hospital(CJFH) held an online seminar on the prevention of COVID-19. They doctors updated officials and their families at the Chinese embassy in Japan on information related to COVID-19, including the prevention and control measures and self-protection strategies.
During the nearly-two-hour session, three CJFH professionals including Dr. Ying Jiaoqian, Deputy Director of Medical Affairs, Dr. Wu Qiaoling, Deputy Director of Infection Control and Dr. Wang Yimin, a senior respiratory expert from the Pulmonary and Critical Respiratory medicine, elaborated on China’s prevention and control experience. The three speakers covered the topics respectively: pathogenesis of COVID-19, the transmission characteristics, the symptoms, the basic self-help strategies and how to use protective gears including masks and hand sanitizers. And they also gave detailed answers to other questions raised by the staff and their families.
The event was well received by the embassy. Minister Guo Yan and Minister-Counselor Zhou Haihong of the embassy commented that the professional and practical knowledge they learnt would greatly enhance their confidence in fighting against the pandemic abroad.
With available resources and creative methods, CJFH will spare no effort to help overseas Chinese.