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CJFH successfully held a Seminar on the Prospect of Humanistic Nursing Practice
Source:Nursing Department Posted Date:01-06-2020

On the morning of December 26, 2019, the National Continuing Education Project "Humanistic Nursing Practice Exploration and Prospect Seminar", hosted by the Nursing Department of CJFH and sponsored by the Nursing Culture Committee, was held at the remote center of the hospital. This seminar is especially targeted at the CJFH Specialist Medical Union Nursing Alliance, which took the form of simultaneous online and offline participation. More than 100 offline and nearly 700 medical institutions and nursing staff online participated in this seminar. Nursing staff from 6 hospitals in Tibet Lhasa, Shaanxi Fugu and Yulin, Jinzhai, Anhui, and Huaihe, Henan, which are assisted by CJFH, also participated the seminar online. Mr. Zhou Jun, Party secretary of CJFH, Ms. Ding Jinghong, Vice president of the hospital, Zhao Jing, director of the Nursing Department, and Zhao Fang, deputy director, attended the meeting. Director Zhao Jing of the Nursing Department hosted a webcast of the morning seminar.
First, Mr. Zhou gave a speech on behalf of the hospital. He warmly congratulated the training course and welcomed the participants. After a detailed analysis of the current status of medical humanities at home and abroad, he pointed out that humanistic nursing and professional nursing are the core of the development of nursing disciplines. Only through continuously learning and improving their professional knowledge and nursing ability, can the nursing staff build professional self-confidence and enhance professional value.
Ms. Ding, vice president of CJFH, gave a lecture entitled "Hospital Cultural Construction Project——Knowledge and Practice". She analyzes the "knowledge" of hospital culture through "cultural genes" and "practice" through sorting out the cultural construction of the hospital, showing CJFH's efforts in cultural construction practice, cultural heritage and achievements.
Nightingale Medal winner Wang Kerong, head of Beijing Ditan Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, gave a lecture entitled "Humanistic Nursing in AIDS Care". Through lively and touching examples, she told the touching story of a caregiver of AIDS patients who did not forget the original aspiration and strived to be a good nurse.
Yan Li'e, head nurse of the CJFH's West Campus shared her report entitled "Positioning and Practice of Nursing Culture Committee " via telemedicine system from the conference room at Barkhor Street Community Health Service Center in Lhasa, Tibet. The establishment of the Nursing Culture Committee and its role were expounded. Using a large number of cases to tell the rapid development of magnetic nursing culture led by humanistic care in CJFH today, the report focused on how to pay attention to the needs of nurses and consolidate the practical experience and effects of nursing.
The afternoon seminar continued in the third conference room offline. The first speaker was Wang Yuying, the head nurse of the Department of General Surgery and the head nurse of the Chest Ward at the First Hospital of Peking University. She gave a presentation entitled "Cultivation of Nurses' Professional Confidence". As an excellent nursing specialist in thoracic surgery, she expounded her understanding of "professional self-confidence" through her career development. "Confidence" comes from dedication, ability, ,heart, effort and persistence. In daily clinical nursing work, she discovers different changes, works hard and keeps learning.
The head of CICU of CJFH, Wang Jian made a presentation entitled "Thoughts and Practice of the New Nurse Tutoring System", which elaborated on the establishment of a “mentor system” in the Nursing Department of CJFH since 2018 and its functions in fostering new nurses during their career development improving their humanistic nursing capabilities.
Zhao Jing, director of the nursing department, gave a lecture entitled "Construction and Thinking of Magnetic Nursing Culture". The development history of magnetic nursing, the practical cases of hospitals at home and abroad, and the practice of magnetic nursing management in CJFH were explained and shared.
Through the discussion on the exploration and prospect of humanistic nursing practice, the participants felt more about the practice and experience of CJFH in the construction of hospital culture and the construction of nursing humanities in recent years. The discussion also showed the inherent motivation and the meaning of cultural construction. It provides valuable experience for the nursing staff to raise humanistic nursing awareness and enhance nursing professional value.