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CNA’s First Nursing Management Training Course Successfully Completed Training at CJFH
Source:Nursing Department Posted Date:09-03-2019

From August 9 to 20, 2019, the Nursing Department of China-Japan Friendship Hospital(CJFH) conducted a 11-day management training for 10 trainees who attended  the first management training course of the Chinese Nursing Association (CNA). On the morning of August 9, the Nursing Department held the opening ceremony for the special training course on clinical nursing management practice. Zhao Jing, Director of the Nursing Department, member of Nursing Management Committee, Wang Weike, Head Nurse of the hospital nursing management training base, and other nursing management training instructors extended their welcome to the trainees.
At the opening ceremony, on behalf of the Nursing Department, Ms. Zhao Jing first expressed her welcome to the nursing staff for the clinical nursing management practice training, and gave a brief introduction to the hospital, the nursing direction of the trainees as well as the arrangement of the hospital for the clinical management practice. She wished the training class a great success.
The 11-day clinical nursing management practice training has set up three sessions, including centralized training, departmental training and results presentation. The departmental training covers targeted and practical training content such as daily shifts, work processes, case discussions, consultation organization, shift management, quality control, and continuous improvement of adverse care events. The centralized training session was instructed by the director of the Nursing department and the head nurses of each department. The instructors explained vertical management, teaching management, quality management and specialty management respectively. Numerous nursing management examples were cited to expand the depth and breadth of nursing management in all aspects. The content was wonderful. All the trainees had active exchanges and heated discussions. 
On August 20, the trainees attended the results presentation and the closing ceremony of the clinical training practice. Zhao Jing, Director of Nursing Department, Wang Weike, Head Nurse of Nursing Management Committee, Sun Yuhong, Head Nurse of Nursing Education and Scientific Research Committee, Zhao Peiyu, Director of Specialized Nursing Committee and Head Nurses of Practical Training instructors all attended the meeting. At the closing ceremony, the trainees expressed their appreciation and thanks to the nursing team of CJFH. They stated that they had learned a lot of knowledge and methods of nursing management through this training, which will be applied in the future nursing management work.
The trainees especially presented a banner for the Nursing Department, which reads, “Teachers took Tianchi water and sprinkled it on the earth to raise new seedlings”, expressing their gratitude to all the instructors in the Nursing Department and the nursing management base of the hospital.
The special training course for nursing managers of the CNA provided a good platform of communication and learning for the nursing managers from different medical institutions, further strengthened the communication among hospitals, and laid a foundation for improving management level and strengthening professional quality of clinical nursing managers.