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CJFH Holds 2019 Teachers’ Day Celebration and Teaching Commendation Conference
Source:Division of Education Posted Date:09-19-2019

On September 10, 2019, China-Japan Friendship Hospital (CJFH) held the Teacher's Day celebration and Teaching Commendation Conference at the lecture hall where Party Secretary Zhou Jun, chief accountant Gao Haipeng, Vice Presidents Peng Mingqiang and Cao Bin were present. This event also attracted more than 300 people, including the winners, clinical teaching supervisors, heads of clinical departments, teaching directors, teaching secretaries, representatives of resident doctors and graduate students. Dr. Cao Bin presided over the meeting.
On behalf of the hospital, Mr. Zhou Jun expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the faculty and staff who have made contributions to medical education and the development of the hospital. He greeted the teachers and management faculty who have been working on the front line for many years and congratulated the outstanding teachers and educators who have been awarded. He pointed out that in the past year, the hospital committed itself to build a classic academic hospital and to focus on the content and quality improvement. With the cultivation of excellent teachers as the core, CJHF has made considerable progress in education and teaching. which are regarded as the result of the joint efforts of the hospital and clinical teachers. Mr. Zhou has stressed that the hospital is on the fast track of  development where care delivery is  its responsibility , research is to improve its quality of care, and teaching is for the future of the institution. Education and teaching together lay the cornerstone of a medical institution's academic disciplines which are closely related to its future. Mr. Zhou hopes that young students will set strict demands on  themselves, humbly learn knowledge from their teachers, constantly improve their professional skills, and carry on with what is passed on to them. 
After the speech, Mr. Zhou read out the name list of those who received the award for their contribution in 2018-2019. They include excellent teaching teachers, excellent tutors, excellent resident guidance teachers, excellent teaching managers, excellent teaching and research office and excellent resident standardized training professional base.
Leaders of the hospital issued the certificates for the groups and individuals who received the honor. Then representatives of the winners  came up to the platform for the prize while their fellow teachers and students applauded warmly.
Three representatives of the winners delivered their speeches.
Professor Peng Dantao, representing the managers , said that "there are no poor students, only lazy teachers". She hoped that students could cherish their time, study hard and pursue a good career.
Prof. Cui Huijuan, representing supervisors who received the honor, said that teaching was a responsibility, and that supervisors should adopt a patient-centered teaching method: finding clinical problems and solving them; taking care of the patients with respect and teaching the students in the process of practice.
Ms. Chen Yanting, a nurse supervisor summarized her teaching method which is called "a combination of three points", that is, teaching students according to their aptitude; more encouragement, less criticism; giving full play to the initiative of students, helping them improve in practice.
At the meeting, the hospital leadership issued appointment letters to the clinical teaching supervisors, thanking them for the efforts they made to standardize management processes and to improve the quality of teaching.
Those who received the honor include clinical departments that were awarded for quality management and individuals who were elected as the most favorite teachers by the nursing students. Before the end of the commendation session, students performed three programs, namely "the State of Etiquette", "Pass on the Torch" and "I am a Star", to express their gratitude to their teachers. This meeting, which was jointly organized by the Education Division, the Nursing Division and the Graduate Student Union, has demonstrated the progress made by faculty and students at CJFH in the past year and highlighted the performance of outstanding individuals in the hospital's positive atmosphere.