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Dr. Yan Yujie of CJFH’s Ophthalmology Wins Second Prize of the 11th Beijing Basic Teaching Skills Contest for Junior Teachers
Source: Posted Date:07-29-2019

In May 2019, Dr. Yan Yujie of the Ophthalmology Department won the second prize at the 11th Beijing Basic Teaching Skills Contest for Junior Teachers, which was held at the Peking Union Medical College Hospital.
The contestants, who are grouped into teams such as science, engineering, humanity, social studies and medicine, come from colleges and universities across Beijing. Among them, Dr. Yan Yujie took part in the contest for medicine together with her partners from the Peking University Health Science Center.
With 22 years of development, this contest, a brand event initiated by the CPC Beijing Municipal Education Committee, has been gradually expanded with a complete system of rules. Giving high priority to this contest, CJFH has made sufficient preparations that include a strict internal selection before determining the final candidate.
Still undertaking heavy daily work, Dr. Yan has been hard-working to prepare for the contest including developing a teaching plan for a 5-hour course, which almost covers all the teaching contents on ophthalmology for the undergraduates. Depending on her rich knowledge reserve, Dr. Yan has studied and improved her teaching plan in details from several aspects including the choice of key teaching points, pedagogical design, teaching aid, demonstration methods and time control.
Taking part in the contest is helpful for the junior  teachers to enrich their teaching experience, consolidate theoretical knowledge, and beef up skills. Furthermore, this event also contributes to improving the quality of medical education and promoting the career development of the faculties since it has drawn  junior teachers’ attention to the modern medical teaching concepts and development in addition to raising their awareness of responsibility, innovation and service.