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CJFH Hosts a Training Session on Standardized Diagnosis and Treatment of Thyroid Cancer with Integrative Medicine
Source: Posted Date:07-29-2019

On July 19th, 2019, China-Japan Friendship Hospital (CJFH) hosted a training session on standardized diagnosis and treatment of thyroid cancer with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western Medicine (WM), a part of a continuing education program on TCM at the Beijing municipal level, co-hosted by Fangshan Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and CJFH.
Thirteen experts in treating thyroid diseases from Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Navy General Hospital, PLA No. 307 Hospital, Friendship Hospital and CJFH delivered lectures and exchanged academic ideas with the trainees on the topics of performing surgery on thyroid cancer patients, iodine 131 therapy, TCM treatment, ultrasonic testing, pathological examination and laboratory examination while more than 200 medical professionals from Beijing, Tangshan, Inner Mongolia and Shantou were present.
Mrs. Ding Jinghong, deputy Party secretary of CJFH, and Ms. Wang Huiling, director of the Science Education Division of Beijing Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, addressed the session.
Mrs. Ding  expressed her warmest welcome to the lecturers, experts and other attendees.
Ms. Wang argued that it was worth carrying out further researches on treating thyroid cancer with the approach of combination of TCM and WM.
Dr. Pei Xiaohua, president of Fangshan Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, chaired the session.
Nuclear medicine Prof. Lin Yansong of Peking Union Medical College Hospital proposed a customized therapy 131 I in his lecture titled “Evaluation Prior to Iodine Treatment of Thyroid Cancer”.
Endocrinology Prof. Wei Junping at Guang’anmen Hospital of China Academy of Medical Science shared his experience and thinking about how to take the advantages of TCM to treat thyroid diseases within the standardized western therapy framework in his lecture titled “Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Thyroid Diseases with TCM”.
Prof. Zhang Bo of CJFH’s Ultrasonography Lab argues that ultrasonic diagnosis is the key to treating thyroid diseases with a more important role played by ultrasonography in identifying thyroid nodules at an early stage in his lecture titled “Standardized Ultrasonic Diagnosis of Thyroid Nodules”. 
Prof. Xia Zhongyuan of CJFH’s TCM Surgery Department argued that the trends in diagnosis and treatment of thyroid cancer include standardized diagnosis and treatment, functional protection and multi-disciplinary coordination while TCM enjoys its distinctive advantages in mitigating the symptoms, improving the patients’life quality and preventing the adverse cardiovascular reactions.
Prof. Lu Yao of CJFH’s Surgery Department elaborated on her experience and thoughts on performing minimally invasive operations on thyroid nodules in her lecture titled “Norms on Surgical Treatment of Thyroid Nodules”.
Nuclear medicine Prof. Song Chunli at Fangshan Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine focused her lecture on “Laboratory Examination of Thyroid Cancer”.
With increasing detection rates of thyroid cancer, standardized diagnosis and treatment and multi-disciplinary treatment have become the trends of treating the disease. As a platform for different disciplines to exchange and cooperate with each other, this session has benefited the trainees greatly since it has explored a synthetic approach of diagnosis and standardized treatment of thyroid cancer.
The TCM Surgery Department at CJFH  specializes in diagnosing and treating thyroid and mastopathy with TCM, which has been undertaking several research projects on TCM treatment of thyroid cancer and has independently developed 4 Chinese herbal drugs to treat thyroid diseases. In addition, the department enjoys its own advantages in treating the postoperative complications of thyroid cancer, dry mouth and pharyngalgia after treatment 131 I and adverse cardiovascular reactions after TSH treatment.