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Sun Chunlan: work hard to make the whole society understand nursing, respect nurses, and support their work
Source: Posted Date:06-05-2019

As the International Nurses Day (12 May, 2019) approached, Sun Chunlan, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier of the State Council, came to the China-Japan Friendship Hospital (CJFH) and the Anzhen Community Health Service Center of Chaoyang District where she greeted nurses working in the front line. She also extended her best wishes to the 4 million nursing staff nationwide, encouraging them to strengthen medical ethics, improve their professional capacity, and provide qualified services to the people so they could gain a stronger sense of benefit.
Sun Chunlan highlighted that President Xi Jinping, who attached great importance to the well-being of nursing staff, had attended the Florence Nightingale Medal Award Conference himself where he conferred the award on the laureates. With joint efforts of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council and other relevant departments, nursing in China has made remarkable progress manifested by the steady growth of nursing teams and continuous improvement of their professional capacity. High-quality nursing services have covered all the medical care institutions at the secondary level and above. Nursing workers have worked diligently in the front line, especially in dealing with major outbreaks. Their efforts, which contributed to the development of the health sector and improved the health status of the people, have vividly interpreted and strongly promoted the spirit of Florence Nightingale. 
The vice premier stressed that nursing was a profession that combined humanistic care with technical practices. Following the principle of serving for One Health, we should integrate nursing into the process of the ongoing medical reform, improve the nursing management system and regulate the service standards so we could provide the people with comprehensive lifecycle health services She reiterated the importance of innovating nursing methods, promoting in-depth application of the internet and the big data, and encouraging “online-booking” and intelligent nursing. Furthermore, nursing services should be expanded, and family sickbeds and door-to-door nursing should be actively promoted, so both urban and rural residents could enjoy diversified and convenient health services in preventive medical care, chronic disease management, long-term nursing, and hospice care. To meet requirements of the aging population and adapt to the changes in disease spectrum, we should address the problem of inadequate staff by building up qualified nursing teams. 
The vice premier said that all the relevant departments nationwide should conscientiously implement the decisions made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on the reform and development of health services, improving the qualification management system, caring for the well-being of the nursing staff, and making efforts to broaden their career path. She called on relevant departments to straighten out issues concerning nursing prices in accordance with the “two permits” policy. “We should make the job of being a nurse more attractive by raising nurses’ salary and improving their working and living conditions. With strengthened efforts to advocate the exemplary performances, we will make the whole society understand nursing, respect nurses, and support their work.”