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Sierra Leonean patient: we put on our traditional clothes to express our sincere gratitude to CJFH
Source: Posted Date:05-17-2019

The condition of a Sierra Leonean patient who was admitted to the International Department of China-Japan Friendship Hospital (CJFH) On May 5, 2019 has significantly improved after he was carefully tended by the medical staff. On the afternoon of May 14, a multidisciplinary consultation was organized for the patient who was about to be discharged. Mr. Ernest Mbaima Ndomahina, Sierra Leone ambassador to China attended the consultation with his assistants. And Mr. Zhou Jun, Party Secretary of CJ
FH also joined the event.
We put on our traditional clothes to express our sincere gratitude 
The patient suffered from abdominal swelling and pain caused by peritoneal effusion, with swollen lower limbs and infected skin. Unable to walk, he was wheel chaired by his family to CJFH on May 5. Seeing the complex condition of the patient, the Medical Affairs Division of the hospital organized a multidisciplinary team of specialists that included Dr. Zheng Jingang, chair of the Cardiology Department, Dr. Du Shiyu, chair of the Gastroenterology  Department, Dr. Ma Anlin, Director of the Department of Infectious Diseases, Dr. Li Zhenling, Chair of Hematology, and Dr.  Yang Yuguang, a senior cardiovascular surgeon. They discussed the patient's condition, formulated a systematic and individualized treatment plan, and provided detailed explanations to the patient and his family. A plan for follow-up treatments was also development to safeguard the patient. On May 14 after being professionally treated, the patient and his wife, in their traditional Sierra Leonean clothes, came back to bring the hospital a letter of appreciation. After the consultation, the patient and his wife asked if all of the medical staff could sit down so they could stand up to express their sincere gratitude.
Giving a like to the International Department which delivered professional treatment and care
During the consultation, the ambassador expressed his sincere appreciation on behalf of the delegation of Sierra Leone, and highly praised the professional capacity, clinical skills and academic strengths of the hospital. The Ambassador said that the patient had received treatment from many foreign hospitals previously. Before he was wheelchaired to CJFH, he was unable to walk. But his condition has significantly improved after he was transferred to the international department where he received professional treatment and careful nursing by the team of experts. The nurses carefully cleaned up the necrosis tissues of the skin for the patient every day and provided professional guidance on a healthy lifestyle. The ambassador also spoke highly of the medical quality delivered by CJFH.
Mr. Zhou Jun welcomed the delegation led by the ambassador and said that the hospital would deliver professional medical treatment and comprehensive care to the patient.
Supported by both the leadership of the hospital and the clinical departments that were involved, this round of multidisciplinary consultation is expected to strengthen international cooperation and promote the friendship between China and Sierra Leone.