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Bringing Birthday Wishes to a 99-Year-Old Former President of CJFH
Source: Posted Date:02-19-2019

February 12, 2019 marks the 99th birthday of Prof. Xin Yuling, the first president of CJFH. On the morning of that day, Dr. Sun Yang, President of CJFH and Mrs. Ding Jinghong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee  came to the North Campus of the hospital where Prof. Xin was hospitalized to celebrate his birthday with staff from the Division of Retiree Services and the VIP Healthcare Office.
On behalf of the leadership of the hospital, Dr. Sun conveyed birthday wishes to Prof. Xin, wishing him a long and healthy life full of happiness. Staff from the Retiree Services prepared an elegant birthday cake, wishing him happiness as boundless as the Sea and longevity comparable to that of the hills. "Thank you for your concern and care. I’m very happy today," Prof. Xin said happily.
The ward was filled with laughter while the first snow of this winter fell quietly outside. We all wish Prof. Xin happiness and good health.