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CJFH Leadership Visited Personnel on Duty on the Eve of Chinese New Year
Source: Posted Date:02-13-2019

"We celebrate the Spring Festival with blessings of love, joy, warmth, and laughter." On the eve of the Spring Festival on February 4, 2019, President Sun Yang, Vice President Gao Haipeng, Chief Accountant Dong Liyou and directors of functional and administrative divisions visited those staff who were still treating patients. They also brought them gifts such as zodiac mascots which symbolize blessings.
While it’s a common routine for Chinese people to go back home and reunite with family members to celebrate the Chinese New Year, the healthcare workers who are on duty at the hospital’s Main Campus, the North Campus, the West Campus and the International Department stick to their posts to ensure the safe operation of the institution. 
On the night when people stay up for the upcoming Chinese New Year, let's wish the whole staff of CJFH good health, successful career and happy family and wish CJFH a more brilliant year in 2019!