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CJFH Becomes the National Clinical Research Center for Respiratory Diseases and the Institute of Respiratory Medicine, CAMS
Source: Posted Date:01-29-2019

On Jan. 20th, 2019, China-Japan Friendship Hospital (CJFH) held the opening ceremony for a new research center at the national level in the field of respiratory medicine —-the National Clinical Research Center for Respiratory Diseases, and the Institute of Respiratory Medicine at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS). Officials including Mr. Tian Baoguo, Deputy Director-General of the Social Development Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Mr. Wu Peixin, Deputy Director-General of the Science Education Department of the National Health Commission, Dr. Wang Chen, President of Peking Union Medical College, CAMS, Mr. Li Guoqin, Party Secretary of CAMS and Dr. Sun Yang, President of CJFH attended the event which was chaired by Mr. Zhou Jun, Party Secretary of CJFH.
The newly-founded institute is among the first research and development centers that CAMS has established to complete the national system of medical science and technology innovation working with the external resources, which will abide by the tenet of promoting common development with the strategies of overall planning, step-by-step implementation, sharing resources and complementing each other’s advantages. Following the international trend and relying on CJFH, the institute will serve the state in line with CAMS’s own general development planning and its specific and distinctive research focuses. To be exact, it will undertake three types of tasks: to carry out, in the field of respiratory medicine, significant research programs on the basic theories, the key common technologies, translational medicine and strategic researches on the development trend of respiratory medicine; to promote integration and sharing of science information; and to contribute to medical personnel training.
Dr. Zheng Zhongwei, Vice President of CAMS announced the Notification on Approving the Establishment of the Institute of Respiratory Medicine at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences which specified the leadership of the institute: Dr. Wang Chen as the Chair and Prof. Cao Bin as the executive deputy chair.
Mr. Li Guoqin stressed that “openness and collaboration”, an important guiding principle to turn CAMS into the center of China’s medical science and technology innovation system, will play a key role in promoting innovative development of medical science and technology in China with the institute’s efforts to improve CAMS’s academic system and to establish a multi-layered collaborative  system of medical science and technology innovation, which is characterized as with a broad international vision and living up to the laws on scientific research in the age of Big Science. The establishment of the institute, based on CJFH’s achievements in respiratory medicine, will greatly facilitate better integration of the two parties’ advantages: CAMS’s leading basic research and CJFH’s clinical experience, which will benefit both organizations by stimulating their researchers to make innovative progress in their academic work with such innovative incentive measures as team work, double employee contracts and collaborative studies. In addition to the respiratory medicine institute, CAMS plans to cooperate with other selected research teams or research and development agencies in other medical fields in various collaboration forms, such as innovation units, research bases, research institutes or institutions.
Mr. Wu Peixin said, in his speech, that prevention and control of the respiratory diseases which are threatening people’s health have become a serious challenge in China. With a very good foundation in clinical research of the diseases, CJFH, as the support institution, has made important contribution to China’s academic progress in respiratory medicine and improving the country’s capabilities in prevention and treatment of the respiratory diseases, playing a leading role in pushing forward the development of the health alliance of respiration departments and the standardized PCCM projects with the supporting training programs. As a megamerger with concerted efforts, the newly-founded respiratory medicine research center is expected to facilitate an overall upgrade of China’s capabilities in preventing and treating the respiratory diseases with scientific and technological innovations, which has great potential to achieve important research findings with international significance that can be applied into clinical practice.
Dr. Sun Yang highlighted the significance of the center’s creation, hoping it will further improve the hospital’s capabilities to manage respiratory diseases and will eventually benefit patients across the country.
Prof. Cao Bin, Executive Deputy Director of CJFH Respiration Center and Executive Deputy Chair of the  Institute of Respiratory medicine has elaborated on the development program of the institute focusing on the development objectives, research orientation and construction planning. He also detailed the development objective of turning the institute to a leading scientific innovation base at the national level with great international competitiveness through integrating CAMS and CJFH’s respective advantages in research resources within 5 years. According to Prof. Cao, the institute will take steps from several aspects including infrastructure development, personnel recruitment, specialist research and international cooperation starting from the existing platform and foundation.
At the ceremony, more than 90 hospitals across the country have been authorized as the key members of the research center by Mr. Tian Baoguo, Dr. Wang Chen and Dr. Sun Yang. In Sep.2018, with the support from the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Health Commission, the Logistics Support Department of the Central Military Commission and the State Drug Administration, CJFH replaced Beijing Hospital as the support institution to the research center, a milestone in the development of respiratory medicine at CJFH. Mr. Tian  concluded the ceremony with his expectation that with concerted efforts by the member hospitals and institutions, the research center will have a bright future.