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CJFH Holds a Training Session on Radiation Protection
Source: Posted Date:01-14-2019

With more extensive utilization of the radiological diagnosis and therapy technologies and equipment, the safety problem which has become increasingly prominent has called for the hospitals concerned to integrate ensuring radiation safety into their day-to-day management to protect the environment. In line with the provisions of the concerning laws and regulations including The Law on Prevention and Control of Occupational Disease of the People’s Republic of China, The Regulations on Radiologic Staff’s Occupational Health and The Regulations on Safety, Prevention and Protection of Radioisotopes and X-ray Devices, regular training sessions should be offered to radiologic staff on radiation protection knowledge and regulations.
From Jan. 1st to 6th, 2019, the Medical Affair Division of China-Japan Friendship Hospital (CJFH) organized a training session on radiation protection, where all its 252 radiologic staffers attended. The session has covered a number of topics: basic knowledge on ionizing radiation protection, safety, prevention and protection of medical ionizing radiation, radiation protection principles and measures, regulations on radiation safety, prevention and protection, laws and regulations on radiation prevention and protection, permission and administration of radiological diagnosis and therapy and surveillance on radiologic staff’s health.
This session has achieved its objectives: raising the medical radiologic employees’ awareness on radiation safety, equipping them with the prevention and protection technologies and minimizing the unnecessary exposures and avoiding accidents.