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【Warmth in Winter】 “May I help you?” My experience at the Health Check-up Center of China-Japan Friendship Hospital
Source: Posted Date:01-04-2019

The day before yesterday, I went to the Check-up Center of China-Japan Friendship Hospital for a medical check-up, which is an annual practice. But I had a different feeling this time.
In the morning, a few minutes prior to the inspection time, the lights in the registration hall were turned on, and the nurses began to receive people coming in on time.
After the programs started, what I first felt was that the process was different from the one before. In the past, people who participated in medical examinations chose inspection room with the least crowd, which was completely "self-selected.” In light of this, it often causes long queues and complaints from the people. However, what I see now is that the first item of each medical examiner is a blood test. There are many blood drawing windows and the diversion is very fast. After that, the nurses here will remind everyone: “Your next program will be in XXX”; then every medical examination will be followed by a doctor’s clear notice: “the next is in XXX room on the third floor”, “You may turn right and go to XXX room." I suddenly understood that The Check-up Center was diverting people in an orderly and rational manner. Sure enough, the efficiency of the medical examination is greatly improved.
What’s more, when I experienced a lot of medical examinations, and the medical staff saw the name and age on the medical check-up list, they would give their heartfelt greetings: "Mr. Gao, please sit here!", "watch out, slow down please." A younger person even called me uncle. After completing the examination in the electrocardiogram room, CT room, and B-room, seeing I am suffering a backache, doctors at the scene all said with concern: "watch out, I will help you!" And they helped me get up. It was the second time for me to meet the doctor in Surgery Department. Seeing me sit down, he said, "Look, how good your body is!" When I left, he said, "take care!"
Before the last program, I was hesitating on the direction of the corridor. I saw a service person coming over and wanted to ask. At this time, she found me in embarrassment, and immediately took the initiative to come over and told me with great concern: "You need to go straight forward, and then turn left."
During the check-up process, my fellow patients were discussing the same feelings as mine from time to time. The most I heard was "thank you" to the doctors and nurses from the bottom of our heart.
Before nine o'clock, all my check-up porgrams were done, about one hour less than those in the past. On the way back, my heart was still surrounded by the warmth given by medical staff in China-Japan Friendship Hospital. In fact, this stems from the details of the medical staff inadvertently revealed during the medical examination.
In fact, no matter what kind of position in the hospital, any service is composed of details. The details are often very inconspicuous, but it is through them that the patient would experience the hospital's services and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the hospital.
In my opinion, obvious and remarkable results have been yielded in the center through the efforts of improvement on the details of the service. Of course, I know that this must condense the good intentions of the central managers and the identification and efforts of the medical staff.
I want to tell them that what you have done, which is the good culture that reflected in the medical check-up center, has won the reputation for China-Japan Friendship Hospital in the mind of the general public.