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Vice Premier Sun Chunlan Greets the National Emergency Medical Team of CJFH that was receiving training in Czech Republic
Source: Posted Date:12-03-2018

On the afternoon of November 19th, 2018, Chinese Vice Premier Sun Chunlan inspected the National Emergency Medical Team of China-Japan Friendship Hospital (CJFH) during her visit to the Czech Republic. The Vice Premier gave her best wishes to the team members who had been receiving professional training in Prague for two weeks. 
While shaking hands with each one of them, Vice Premier Sun talked with the team members about their training during their stay in the Czech Republic. When she heard that the program was very successful, she was happy and thanked the hosts for their contribution. Mrs. Sun also spoke highly of the team’s professional performance, saying that aviation medical rescue would play a significant role in safeguarding the upcoming Winter Olympic Games. She further encouraged the team to keep working hard on the program. After the inspection, Dr. Sun Yang, President of CJFH, briefed the Vice Premier on the progress of the training cooperation.
On January 25th, 2018, with the support of the Beijing Municipal Government and the National Health Commission, CJFH, Prague Emergency Center and Home Credit Group jointly signed the Memorandum on Practical Cooperative Projects of Aviation Medical Rescue Service. According to the memorandum, this 3-stage training includes the online courses, the field simulated training session (in China) and the live-action training session in Czech. In addition to completing the first two sessions, on the Aug. 10th , 2018, CJFH held  China-Czech air-ground emergency manoeuvres on dealing with public emergencies as well as serving the Winter Olympic Games on the east side of the Bird’s Nest, China National Stadium.
This two-week (from Nov. 10th -21st) training session in Prague has given the team members a better knowledge of the country’s emergency medical system that includes the coordination of pre-hospital first aid system, personnel training system, crisis intervention system and coordinated commanding system.
The China-Czech Aviation Emergency Medical Rescue Cooperation is expected to play a remarkable role in improving the aviation medical aid providers’competence and in training more professionals at CJFH, which will provide qualified medical services to the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022 and eventually benefit the people living in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province.