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CJFH Holds a Study Session to Learn Regulations on CPC Disciplinary Actions
Source: Posted Date:11-26-2018

On Nov. 20th, Mr. Hou Juefei, Deputy Director (DG level) of the Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision Group stationed at the National Health Commission, delivered a public lecture in a  study session organized by CJFH Party Committee and Discipline Inspection Committee to facilitate the in-depth study and implementation of the newly revised CPC Rules on Disciplinary Rules here at CJFH. Mr. Zhou Jun Party Secretary ofCJFH  presided over event and made remarks. 
Starting the lecture with the context and significance of the revision of the Rules, Mr. Hou Juefei then elaborated on the 8 added parts in the new version: “one guiding principle”, “two things to stick to”, “three key points”, “four kinds of consciousness”, five interfaces between disciplines and laws, six kinds of cases subject to heavier punishment, seven issues to stay alert to and eight typical cases of disciplinary offence in addition to his easy and clear case-based interpretation and analysis of the typical cases of discipline offence, rule violation and frequent and common problems at the medical institutions.  
Learning, publicizing and implementing the Rules both at this moment and in the foreseeable future has been regarded as an important political assignment, Party Secretary Zhou Jun stressed, in his speech. Party organizations at all levels in the hospital should make great efforts to improve the institution, formulate the regulations, promote implementation of the Rules, and strengthen management and supervision on a daily basis, which would create a good atmosphere for CJFH’s development with the deterrence of the institution and discipline.
Over 300 participants including CJFH Vice-Presidents Gao Haipeng, Peng Mingqiang and Liu Peng, Mr. Ding Jinghong, Deputy Director of the CJFH Party Committee and Secretary of the CJFH Discipline Inspection Committee, other members of the the CJFH Party Committee and Discipline Inspection Committee, Secretary of the CJFH Party General Branch, the secretaries and members of the Party Branches, the full-time of Party affairs, the heads of the medical and administrative departments, the head nurses and the employees at the key positions attended the event.